Letters to the Editor: Why not force men to watch ultrasounds and listen to fetal heartbeats?


To the editor: The Kentucky law that forces doctors to do an ultrasound on pregnant women seeking an abortion while narrating the fetus’ physical features and playing the sound of the fetal heartbeat before doing an abortion is beyond draconian.

There is no comparable horror show currently used against men to curtail unwanted pregnancies.

Perhaps a better way to prevent abortions is to make every man responsible for what his sperm can do and have him stop before every unprotected act of intercourse and listen to a description of and watch an ultrasound of a fetus along with hearing its heartbeat.


Make them do this before intercourse. Every time.

I’m betting the number of unwanted pregnancies and, therefore, abortions would plummet.

Phyllis Spiva, Pacific Palisades


To the editor: Informed consent requires the physician to discuss alternatives to a procedure.

Physicians either gloss over or don’t discuss giving the baby up for adoption. Overseas adoptions rose as abortion eliminated a source of healthy children born in the United States.

Kentucky’s law is not the answer. Counseling by crisis pregnancy staff is.

Suzanne Brugman, La Habra Heights