Letters to the Editor: Trump’s impeachment is about removing a threat to free and fair elections

Rally for President Trump's impeachment
Protesters demonstrate on Capitol Hill as the House debates articles of impeachment against President Trump on Dec. 18, 2019.
(Matt Rourke / Associated Press)

To the editor: Remove the rancor President Trump continually creates to hide his inadequacies and distract from his impeachment, and we’re left with this: safeguarding America’s free and fair elections. This is what lifts America high and makes us rare.

I doubt even Richard Nixon considered inviting a foreign government to interfere in our election for his personal benefit, and that is saying a good deal. Trump has now done it twice.

For this reason alone, and despite endless others, Trump needs to be removed from office.

Janet Kinosian, Santa Ana



To the editor: I have voted in every presidential election I could. Though a registered Democrat, I have voted for Republicans when I believed doing so was good for our country.

I voted for Hillary Clinton, the “lesser of two evils,” because I couldn’t bear to see Trump prove himself to be as unpresidential and immoral as he has shown himself to be.

I believe in many progressive programs put forth by the Democrats but am most in favor of a return to moderation and civility. We need a return to cooperation by both parties, which are separated by a barrier as impenetrable as the wall Trump wants to build on the border.

It pains me to think that even Nixon was more presidential than the current commander in chief. May a higher power save us all.

Tom Hilt, Sherman Oaks