Letters to the Editor: How a farmers market operator is enhancing safety in the time of COVID-19

An assortment of carrots grown in the Imperial Valley at the Brentwood Farmers Market in 2012.
(David Karp / For The Times)

To the editor: Carla Hall’s opinion piece on the Brentwood Farmers Market did a disservice not only to our company, which operates the market, but also to the many wonderful residents of Brentwood who rely on us for the local fresh fruits and vegetables that are so essential to a healthful diet, especially in these perilous times.

First, to accompany a story about social distancing with a photo of the market taken in 2013 was misleading. Seeing this photo without reading in the caption that it was taken years ago can needlessly cause people to worry even more about the coronavirus than they already are.

For the market that operated on March 29, which Hall’s piece covers, we fortunately had not only extra staff (as we have practiced at all our markets), we also had one employee taking video of the market (a copy of which was sent to Hall).

That day, we were visited by an L.A. County health inspector, who saw no reason to issue us a citation, let alone shut us down. We pride ourselves on running good markets. We have a wonderful staff, and we took safety precautions before being ordered to do so.


John Edwards, Calabasas

The writer is president of Raw Inspiration Farmers Markets.