Letters to the Editor: How paying rent right now is like being stuck in a rigged game of Monopoly

Rent forgiveness
A member of the Los Angeles Tenants Union participates in a demonstration in Boyle Heights to demand rent forgiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic on April 1.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Imagine playing Monopoly and being told you’re not allowed to take a turn while being stuck on the other player’s property. Meanwhile, the other player is allowed to keep playing and demand rent for every turn you are ordered to stay on that space. (“L.A. has a coronavirus eviction ban, but landlords are finding ways to demand rent,” April 5)

That’s what real life has become for most of us. We’re not allowed to earn an income, but the landlords demand rent, credit card interest continues accruing, and necessities still cost money.

If one player isn’t allowed to play while the other is, the game is broken.


Brian Dzyak, Northridge


To the editor: What are landlords supposed to do to keep the power and water on in their buildings? To pay their mortgages, taxes and insurance?

They can defer their mortgage, but will have to pay it eventually, so tenants should also have to pay all back rent.

How else are landlords going to know if tenants really can’t pay the rent or are taking advantage of the pandemic if they don’t require documentation? Landlords provide a vital service and should also be taken care of, too.

Catherine Wirtz, Thousand Oaks