Letters to the Editor: Bernie Sanders is out, but his ideas will loom large in the election


To the editor: With several news articles plus an editorial, the Los Angeles Times’ coverage of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ departure from the 2020 Democratic presidential race rivaled that of a fallen commander-in-chief.

When he first ran for president four years ago, several of Sanders’ ideas, like “Medicare for all,” were characterized as wildly radical by many Democrats and Republicans. Now, single-payer healthcare will probably be one of the issues former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, and President Trump debate.

With his campaign, Sanders proved is more than just a politician; he also is a mensch. No matter how you define the Vermont lawmaker, one thing is certain: His shadow will loom large over the 2020 presidential election this fall.


Denny Freidenrich, Laguna Beach


To the editor: Your editorial states, “We also believe that it’s vital that voters bring to an end the incompetent and corrupt administration of Donald Trump.” You call the president an “odious incumbent.”

What is your justification for labeling the Trump administration as “incompetent and corrupt”? Was it redoing our trade agreements to improve the balance between us and our partners? Was it destroying Islamic State? Was it presiding over an economy that generated the lowest unemployment rate in decades?

Was halting travel from China on Feb. 2 and from Europe on March 13 to ameliorate the COVID-19 pandemic incompetent? Is the team he put together to fight the coronavirus incompetent?

I could go on, but hopefully you get my point.

Larry Hart, Tarzana


To the editor: Sanders is an honorable man. I disagree with him on important issues but I respect his decency and love of all. He serves us well in putting our greater needs first.


Hopefully we will have more like him as we reexamine our values during this crisis.

Paul Malykont, Los Osos