City Section passes proposal for new football playoff format

City Section commissioner Vicky Lagos conducted a video Board of Managers meeting Monday.
(Eric Sondheimer / Los Angeles Times)

The City Section Board of Managers gave final approval by a vote of 90-12 on Monday for a new football playoff format that will place teams in divisions based on their performance at the end of the regular season rather than before the season begins. It’s similar to a proposal that was passed by the Southern Section. rankings will be used to place teams in the Open Division and Divisions I, II and III.

Also approved is punishment for having a non-certified individual on the sideline coaching at football games or any other sport. The head coach will be removed for two contests. The City Section made mandatory a pre-game roster exchange between coaches and also gave power to the commissioner to disqualify a team for regional state competition for not representing the guiding principles of CIF.


During the meeting, Ron Nocetti, executive director of the CIF, said its CIF marketing partner has engaged in conversations with about returning as a possible partner. MaxPreps was replaced by Scorebook Live last fall in its sponsorship deal with the CIF. MaxPreps had been the platform for schools to upload schedules, results and stats. The transition to Scorebook Live has not gone smoothly. Perhaps a deal could be reached for MaxPreps and Scorebook Live to work together.

The City Section is engaged with Wilson Sporting Goods to become the official playoff ball for football and basketball.

City Section commissioner Vicky Lagos said a three-day CIF commissioners meeting begins Tuesday to discuss possible start dates for fall starts because of COVID-19.

“We’re fluid and don’t have an idea for a start date,” she said.

Lagos said possible waivers could be coming for financial hardship, 2.0 grade-point averages and a 60-day extension for physicals because of the unavailability of doctors.

Taft athletic director Mark Drucker was recognized as male winner of the CIF distinguished service award. Beverly Myers, L.A. assigner for softball, was the female winner.