Camarillo High’s Gabriela Jaquez hoops with the same zeal as brother Jaime at UCLA

Gabriela Jaquez of Camarillo is the sister of UCLA's Jaime Jaquez.
(Mike Prewitt)

If you’re from Camarillo High and your last name is Jaquez, everyone knows you’re tough.

Gabriela Jaquez is the sister of UCLA’s Jaime Jaquez Jr., and she plays basketball with the same passion and toughness as her parents — who met playing basketball at Concordia University — and older brother.

“Oh, yeah, she has that toughness,” coach Mike Prewitt said. “On the other side, she’s a sweetheart to be around.”

The junior is averaging 27.4 points and 15.0 rebounds a game for the 9-1 Scorpions. She has missed five games playing club basketball, but Prewitt is hopeful she’ll be available for the Division 1 playoffs.


“If stats mean anything, she’s doing pretty well for us,” he said. “She does so much. She makes girls around her better.”

What would happen in a one-on-one game between sister and brother? And how many scratches would each have?

“That’s an interesting question, and I’m not going to answer that,” Prewitt said.