CIF suspends rule prohibiting Sunday competition to allow game changes

CIF executive director Ron Nocetti.

The CIF announced Tuesday that it was suspending its state rule this fall prohibiting Sunday games to help schools dealing with COVID-19 issues and wildfires.

The suspension of bylaw 504.M does not allow teams to practice on Sundays but move games to that day by mutual agreement when games had to be postponed because of COVID-19 or air-quality issues.

Football games in Northern California have faced difficulties getting played because of wildfires.


The suspension also might allow a cross-country meet postponed because of air quality on a Saturday to be held on a Sunday. And last-minute COVID-19 postponements could allow other teams to set up a game on a Sunday.

CIF executive director Ron Nocetti said the rule suspension is only for the fall but could be extended. It is being done to give schools options.

Here’s the Week 2 Southern California high school football schedule.

Aug. 29, 2021