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Baseball: New state pitching limit rule gets first reading next month

Justin Campbell

Simi Valley pitcher Justin Campbell

(Eric Sondheimer / Los Angeles Times)

The CIF Federated Council will have a first reading on Oct. 7 at its meeting in San Diego of a new pitching limitation rule that is expected to take effect for the 2017 prep baseball season across California.

The National Federation of State High School Assns. is requiring each state to implement pitching limitations. California had a rule that limited pitchers to 10 innings each week. That rule will remain. The new proposed rule will focus on pitches thrown and require coaches and umpires to actively participate in keeping track of pitches.

For varsity, the pitch count limit would be 110 pitches in any game. The pitcher would not be allowed to throw again until a mandatory three days of rest (anyone throwing more than 76 pitchers has to rest for three days).

If a pitcher throws between 31 and 50 pitches, one day of rest is required. If a pitcher throws 31 to 75 pitches, two days of rest is required.


Any violation of the rule will result in forfeit of the game.

And how will people keep track?

According to the proposal, at the end of each half inning, the umpire and head coach will confirm and record the pitch count of all pitchers. Each school must keep a record of all pitches thrown by their players in each game and make it available upon request by the section.

So that means more duties for the umpire and the head coach.


For freshman and JVs, the pitching limit would be 90 in a game.

It might be time to get a computer with appropriate software to record pitches.

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