Clippers ponder whether to keep Chris Paul, Blake Griffin out of games

The thought has crossed the mind of Clippers Coach Doc Rivers.

Should he hold out All-Stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in any of the four regular-season games the Clippers have left?

“Yeah, I have, but I don’t know if I’ll do it or not,” Rivers said. “But it’s a thought. We do have this interesting schedule, where we play a game. We have two days off. That’s unusual.”

The Clippers don’t play again until Wednesday against Oklahoma City at Staples Center and then again Saturday against Sacramento at home.


Both Griffin (back spasms) and Paul (separated right shoulder) have dealt with injuries this season.

“I don’t think it would be bad for Blake to take a rest or CP,” Rivers said. “But you have to be careful with that too because you don’t want to mess up their rhythm. Some players want it [time off]. Some players don’t. This is a younger team. My guess right now with them is that they don’t. so we just have to wait and see.”

Jamal Crawford still isn’t ready

With Jamal Crawford sitting out his fourth consecutive game because of a sore left Achilles’ tendon, the question now is whether the Clippers backup shooting guard not play anymore until the playoffs start in two weeks.


“I don’t know. I hope not,” Rivers said. “But it’s looking more like that. I would hate that. Personally, I just think that’s hard to go into a playoff series and haven’t played in three weeks or whatever, him or Danny [Granger]. I don’t think that would be good for us at all.

“But whatever it is, it is. There’s nothing we can do about it. I’m hoping that’s not the case.”

Though Crawford has sat out 12 games this season because of injuries, Rivers thinks his man still should win the NBA’s sixth-man-of-the-year award.

In the 66 games Crawford played, he averaged 18.6 points per game, third-best on the team.

He started 23 games, averaging 20.6 points on 40.2 % shooting in 36.4 minutes per game.

He has come off the bench for 43 games, averaging 17.6 points on 42.9% shooting in 27.1 minutes per game.

Crawford won the sixth-man-of-the-year award in 2010, when he played for the Atlanta Hawks.

“I certainly think he should win it,” Rivers said. “And I certainly think you guys have to do your job to make sure people don’t forget about him. I think he has been great. He’s been fantastic.”


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