Letters: Jansen will get no relief from the fans

Are the Dodgers taking ticket requests for the World Series? I can’t wait to see Kenley Jansen try to close a game.

Ralph S. Brax




So Kenley Jensen says “Who cares?” after giving up a game winning home run to the Giants. Tell that to the parents who spent $200 just for tickets to take their kids to the game. The supposed new voice for the Dodgers should think before he opens his mouth. His new contract is not a pass to say dumb remarks to cover his mistake.

Bob Martinez




So, Kenley Jansen doesn’t like spring training and spent the whole time fooling around and going home early, flinging footballs instead of firing fastballs, and spouting off to any quote-starved reporter in range. Now that the season has begun, let’s look at the results: two appearances, two home runs, resulting in two Dodgers losses. Kenley’s response: “Who cares?” Well, Kenley, we do and you better.

Gregory Larkin



If this first week is any indication of the Dodgers’ season, how lucky are the 70% of the people that can’t watch?

Mark Berglas

Huntington Beach



It’s obvious to me that the Dodgers’ strategy to stay the course with the team that got them to the 2017 World Series is in jeopardy because the competition (Giants, D’Backs, Rockies) has invested and gotten stronger.

Ken Keller



That new Dodger TV announcer tells us what the Dodgers should be doing to win. How about just calling the game? The Spectrum viewers are being punished enough without having to listen to this drivel. Rooting from the booth is not right.

Patrick Kelley

Los Angeles

Final floor?


Watching the Final Four I was struck by how shallow the talent pool is in Division I basketball. I remember North Carolina teams stocked with future NBA Hall of Famers Michael Jordan, James Worthy and Sam Perkins. I saw nary a single NBA player among the Final Four teams. Sad commentary on the demise of collegiate athletics, but the one-and-done rule has destroyed both college and pro basketball.

Mark S. Roth

Los Angeles


Loyola of Chicago team chaplain Sister Jean consulted the Almighty after the game.

Sister Jean: “Lord, I prayed as hard as I could for my Loyola Ramblers. What happened?”

Almighty: “Sister, I gave your team a nice halftime lead and then got the Ramblers up by 10 with 12 minutes to go. To be fair, at that point I had to let the game play out and allow the better team to win, which obviously was Michigan. But look at the bright side. Your bobblehead doll is selling like hotcakes. As you know, I work in mysterious ways.”

Charles Reilly

Manhattan Beach


My thanks to all those involved in the women’s athletic programs at Notre Dame, Mississippi State, Connecticut and Louisville for providing me and the nation with the most exciting Final Four basketball games ever played. And may the country begin to support all the women’s basketball programs to the higher level they deserve.

Irwin Zeke Warsaw

Marina del Rey

‘C’ you later

A writer from Burlingame chimes in as an authority on the Kings’ Dustin Brown?  Her assessment of “dirty play” is confused for Brown’s ability to do the dirty work.  She continues with the tired “anchor on the team’s salary cap” diatribe, when nothing could be further from the truth. In the history of the Kings, one man has led his team to the Stanley Cup as their Captain, and he did it twice. 

He gets no respect, but one day they’ll retire his jersey, and it will hang in the rafters of Staples Center with a “C” sewn back on.

Ed Galsterer


Oh me, oh my!

The Clippers’ season is pretty much toast. While there were flashes of unexpected brilliance (Lou and Milos) and inspiring amusement (Boban) their inconsistency did them in. The one solid bright spot was the replacement of homer Mike Smith with a knowledgeable, credible, affable voice in the box — Bruce Bowen, a true student (professor maybe) of the game. He’s been there, done that, and isn’t afraid to call out poor play and laud the extra effort. They’re not quite Stu and Chick, but Ralph and Bruce aren’t bad.

Mike Sachs

Santa Monica

Hey, Lakers....

Would someone please tell us the real story why Luol Deng doesn’t play?

Jack Wishard, Los Angeles


Memo to the two old-timers from Michigan (East Lansing and Ann Arbor): Forget LBJ, and do whatever it takes to acquire the “Michael Jordan from Delaware,” Donte DiVencenzo, and the “next Dirk Nowitzki,” Moritz Wagner!

Tom Lallas

Los Angeles

Sam and Josh

I had to laugh at the lengths to which reader Kirk Baker went last Saturday to prop up turnover machine Sam Darnold and diminish Josh Rosen. He compared the character of two people I doubt he has ever met, and he even tried to relate politics to football. But what he really missed is the fact that Darnold is likely to join a long line of first round Trojan quarterback busts in the NFL, with college stats that were bloated by hiding behind a superlative offensive line.

Alan Abajian

Alta Loma

Striping it

Bill Plaschke’s warm-and-fuzzy welcome back article for Tiger Woods is out of character for the his usual judgmental attitude. Here’s a writer who was appalled and outraged when Tom Brady won a football game by almost 40 points using a slightly deflated ball. His self-righteous indignation was uncontrolled at such cheating in the purity of the NFL, an organization where criminal activity, spousal abuse, child abuse and intentional maiming are the part of the agenda. But two PSI lower in the football?

Now back to Tiger. He is the Harvey Weinstein of golf. And like Weinstein, he sought rehabilitation for his so-called problem. In other words, it’s not his fault because he’s a sex addict. His real problem is that he is a pig, plain and simple. His fame and wealth give him license to ignore common rules of decency which he eventually blames on psychological problems. He should be banned from golf for life.

Would Plaschke be rooting for a comeback for Weinstein if he was an entertainment writer? Oh boy, let’s all hope he comes back and wins an Academy Award.

Let’s stop worshipping and rooting for these sexual predators.

Art Siciliano

Westlake Village


Can we all stop saying “Tiger is back”? He’ll be back when he wins a few tournaments and a major. Right now he’s just another very good golfer on the tour .... and nobody thinks of the old Tiger as just a another very good golfer on the tour.

Steve Rosenblatt

West Hills


I just read Plaschke’s column on the first day of the Tiger Woods Open, also known in some circles as the Masters. Bill spent 95% of a very long articve gushing about Woods .

  “He smiled. He laughed.” I gagged. He gives a short paragraph to mention Spieth, the leader, and it’s a snarky knock. Well, it is early Friday afternoon and Woods is 14 behind and in danger of missing the cut . So Bill gets a really well-deserved rest of the weekend off.

Bert Bergen

La Cañada


To Bill Plaschke’s adjectives “enlightening,” “invigorating”, and “stunning,” please add “embarrassing.” As in: It is embarrassing that in 2018 a golf club holding a women’s competition is news. I’ll curb my enthusiasm until the day the LPGA holds a tournament at Augusta with a purse equal to the men’s.

Harriet Ottaviano

Hillsboro, Ore.

Mad scientist

Rams GM Les Snead deserves an award and perhaps an honorary Ph.D. in experimental chemistry. From season to season, while most GM’s tinker, the Rams have indisputably transformed the team into an all-star cast. Dr. Snead’s and the team’s fortunes appeared poised to turn on whether the reformulation amounts to a magic elixir or combustible lab test gone awry.

Konrad Moore

San Diego


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