Letters: Fans like Mike Trout just the way he is

Rob Manfred better be careful in hoping that Mike Trout would try to make himself more marketable. If reporters start digging into Trout’s teenage years they may find out that he coudn’t tie a knot in the Boy Scouts, never walked an old lady across the street and once stuck his bubble gum under his desk in sixth grade.

Leave the guy alone. Baseball needs more players like Mike Trout and less guys on PEDs or 17-year-olds who write racist or homophobic tweets.

Richard Katz

Los Angeles



Mike Trout. The best baseball player on earth. If he could pitch, he would have to submit to a DNA test to prove he is human. He is the type of young man every father would be proud to call son, not because of his baseball prowess, but because of the person he is. Mr. Manfred, you were way off base. Also, rest in peace, Mitch Chortkoff.

Alex Fernandez




Mike Trout is the best version of himself. He is a down-home country boy who was raised with a great value system. Yes, he is is the best in the game today and here’s hoping that he never changes who he is. Let the so-called “brand” go to someone else who needs it to justify their career.

Gil Moe

Palm Desert


Kudos to the Angels in releasing their retort to Rob Manfred’s criticism of Mike Trout’s marketing campaign.

It’s refreshing to see an organization back humility and character over shameless self-promotion. The Nationals can have Bryce Harper’s antics and his .214 batting average. I’ll continue to support Trout with countless others.

Tim Hoff


Fountain Valley


In response to Paul Simon’s verse asking where Joe DiMaggio has gone, he has been reincarnated as an Angel named Mike Trout.

Mike Anderson

Sherman Oaks 


Rob Manfred can’t be that concerned about marketing major league baseball, as 70% of the second-biggest market in the country aren’t able to watch their home team and MLB hasn’t done one thing to try to solve the problem.

Rich Hardt


Long Beach

Shooting stars

During the home run derby it was nice that the players provided on-field interviews to fill down-time between home runs. Oh, wait… Was that the actual game?

Anthony Moretti



Congratulations to manager Dave Roberts: Within 10 months he has mismanaged and lost the both the World Series and the All-Star game.

Steve Abrams

Lake Balboa

Sorry, Mike

Mike Scioscia says baseball is a performance-based business. That standard is never applied to him. Including this year, the Angels have underperformed eight of the last nine years. Any other organization in baseball would have made a change in the dugout years ago. His time should be up.

Fred Lewandowski

Laguna Niguel


Mike Scioscia would probably be a good scout. A capable manager he is not and that means he probably would be mediocre as a bullpen coach. His pitching coach is pitiful. Albert Pujois should gracefully retire. It is only a matter of time until he is thrown out at first from the outfield. Upton should not be batting in a slot where runs are expected to be produced and Valbuena should be dispatched to Salt Lake.

Arthur P. Nelson Jr.

North Hills

Gold standard

First off, thank you, LeBron James for choosing to come play with the Lakers and to wear the Purple & Gold. About that ... can we actually start wearing the deep rich traditional gold jerseys more during home games here in Los Angeles, and not in Boston? We’re about tradition, not a clown carnival dress act.

Eric Fryer



Magic Johnson’s super-sized ego is an amazing thing to observe. A quote from the Magic man. “The ultimate decision-maker on the team is me. I take that to Jeanie (Buss) and she says what she says and whether she signs off or not.” Doesn’t that make Jeanie the real “ultimate decision-maker?”

Bert Bergen

La Canada


Luke Walton, please resign! LeBron is a super player; however, he chews up and spits out his coaches. The Lakers brass says Showtime is back. Translation: LeBron will be assuming your coaching duties.

Luke, you coach in LaLa Land, but this unfolding story has no happy ending. Drop the pretense, find your own way. You are too good of a guy to be coach in title only.

Jeff Schlecht

Ashland, Ore.


The same people who have abandoned the Lakers and adopted the Clippers by citing the cost of attending games are probably flying Chargers and Angels flags from their cars too. Besides, I have this thing called a TV.

Paul Burns

Granada Hills

Kicked off

It’s probably just as well the U.S. didn’t qualify for Russia this year. Based on the quality of play exhibited in qualifying, would surely have been embarrassed. Until our best athletes choose soccer over the NBA and NFL we’ll never win a World Cup. Can you imagine a team with the likes of LeBron James on our side?

Joe Dahl



It’s now time to experience the real futbol (sic). Fight On!

David Marshall

Santa Monica

We’re positive, honest

Based on the mass majority of your letters on Saturday, you might consider changing the section name to Negative Letters.

Lynda A. Hernandez

Santa Ana

Slide rules

So, Chase Utley is going to retire to spend more time with his family. A word of advice for his kids: If you’re playing ball with Dad, don’t try to force him out at second. It won’t end well for you.

Mike Davison

Toluca Lake


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