Letters: Well, Kliff Kingsbury was just passing through

Kliff Kingsbury addresses the media during his introductory news conference on Wednesday in Phoenix.
(Rick Scuteri / Associated Press)

From first being courted, then anointed and just as quickly expunged, the entire coordination of Kliff Kingsbury’s aptly titled short tenure at USC should be considered, well, offensive.

Steve Ross

Beverly Hills


I teach 6-year-olds that integrity is honoring your commitments and doing what you say you’ll do. I wonder how long it will be before Kliff Kingsbury’s lack of integrity bites him in the rear. I do not wish him the best.

Ted Bartscherer



Statistically speaking, will USC start off next season with one lost fumble in the books?


Michael Gray

Yorba Linda


USC athletic directors have shown they can create embarrassment not only when firing a football coach, but now even when hiring one.

Barry P. Resnick



Cheer up, USC. In a year or two, Kliff will come crawling back for another job. This time around, the head coaching job will be vacant.

Ryan Madden

Huntington Beach


Coaches breaking contracts to improve their position is not a new phenomenon. No, Lynn Swann was not played. Lynn Swann hired Kliff Kingsbury in good faith. Now, knowing Kingsbury’s lack of professional integrity, the Trojan community is lucky the divorce took place before the marriage was consummated. USC will survive. Trojans fight on.

Donald Peppars



Let me get this straight. A fired 5-7 Texas Tech coach gets a head coaching job in the NFL while a 5-7 USC coach keeps his job rather than the top offensive mind in college football. Next you’ll tell me that the Cowboys and Chargers won playoff games!

Jack Saltzberg

Valley Village


While I’m a lifelong USC fan frustrated by recent events, Bill Plaschke’s column is disingenuous. Had SC waited until after the early recruiting period to hire an OC, Plaschke and SC fans would have called for Lynn Swann and Clay Helton’s heads. Had SC hired Kingsbury to replace Helton, Plaschke and SC fans would have called for Swann’s head for hiring a just-fired 39-year old who had four losing seasons in Lubbock.

If hindsight is Plaschke’s new hobby, perhaps he should revisit his column supporting Helton’s hire in the first place.

Robert Lawrence

Alexandria, Va.


Wow! Talk about piling on. Three Sports’ section front-page articles that all either take direct swings at or sideways swipes at USC for its alleged mishandling of the Kingsbury hire.

All of the comments about what USC/Swann coulda done/shoulda done all sound great in hindsight, but do they really reflect the realities of hiring in sports? I can’t answer that but I imagine your sportswriters could if they had the inclination, which they clearly do not.

Could it be that forcing Lynn Swann out is the real intention of all this attention?

John Snyder

Newbury Park

Still blue

Me, three weeks ago:

“Relax, I’m sure Friedman and the geniuses in charge have a plan. They wouldn’t have given Kemp and Puig away unless they knew something great was coming soon.”

Me, today:

“It’s almost spring training. What the heck are those morons thinking?”

Rodger Howard



I don’t understand Dylan Hernandez or Jorge Castillo. The dodgers need a premier middle reliever and a catcher.

The Dodgers do not need Bryce Harper. If they feel they need an outfielder that would require a long-term contract they should wait for a certain someone from the other local team to become a free agent.

Dennis Watson


Something about Murry

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. UCLA is searching for a new basketball coach, and courting high-profile and expensive coaches like Rick Pitino. In the meantime, right under the AD’s nose, Murry Bartow has made significant improvements starting with his first game as coach.

However, the way Murry’s dad was run out of town after having the difficult task of replacing legend John Wooden, if I were a Bartow, I would hold UCLA in contempt and tell them to look elsewhere.

Michael Gesas

Beverly Hills


The only advice or warning that I could give to the next UCLA coach comes from a coach that is Dick Vitale’s choice for that position. To misquote Rick Pitino, “Lew Alcindor, Bill Walton, Keith Wilkes and Marques Johnson ain’t walkin through that door.”

Richard Katz

Los Angeles


I’ve come to grips with the fact that UCLA will never find another John Wooden and our fans need to get over that. However, I’m sick and tired of hearing that we’re no longer an “elite” hoops program. Over the last 15 years, I’d put this resume among the top 10 of any schools: one runner-up, three Final Fours, three Sweet 16s and 11 tourney appearances. In addition to a new $35-million practice facility and a newly renovated Pauley what else could you ask for?

Now all we need is a coach that understands the UCLA tradition, can keep recruits in L.A. and knows how to win. Too bad Al Scates doesn’t coach basketball.

Gray Garrett

San Francisco


After firing Steve Alford, UCLA starts its conference season at 2-0 and you put it on Page 6? Enough Plaschke and Wharton. Start covering the L.A. sports beat.

Jonathan Greenspan

Westlake Village


The NBA can’t fine me for tampering, so...

Dear Anthony Davis,

You will love the beaches in the summer. You will love the mountains in the winter. You will love Hollywood and the mega endorsement deals that will surely come your way. Unlike Dwight Howard, when the Lakers tell you your jersey will hang in Staples Center with the others, we actually believe it and mean it. Come west, young man.

David Pietrasanta


Season’s over

It was more fun reading Tom Hoffarth’s column on TV coverage of the national championship game than watching the game.

Patrick Kelley

Los Angeles

What’s the rush?

Does anyone else find it ironic that none of the MLB owners are hustling to sign Manny Machado?

Dave Eng

Thousand Oaks


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