Letters: Call the Angels what you want, they’re the only Southland team with a World Series title in the last 30 years

USC and United Airlines have landed on a new naming rights deal.
(Jim Thompson / For The Times)

The Angels eke out two tough victories against the Dodgers and Times sportswriters immediately bring out the long knives. Not only were the wins “inconsequential,” but the franchise itself is “disingenuous.” Ouch!

Not surprisingly, the two columns failed to mention that, nearly 20 years in, the Angels are the only SoCal team with a World Series championship in the 21st century, something neither inconsequential nor fraudulent.

Kevin Ausmus

Claremont, CA



Arash Markazi wrote the other day about the history of the Angels franchise, which has been known as the:

1) Los Angeles Angels; 2) California Angels; 3) Anaheim Angels; 4) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

In the future, they might be known as the:


1) Long Beach Angels; 2) Orange County Angels; 3) or Los Angeles Angels (again).

Mr. Markazi forgot to mention a couple of things that are for sure: They will always be known as the Angels, and will never have enough pitching.

Chris Sorce

Fountain Valley


The biggest reason the Los Angeles Angels’ name is laughable is that, when translated, it means The Angels Angels. You would think Spanish-speaking owner Arte Moreno would have noticed that and said, “Guys, we can’t call ourselves that and be taken seriously.”

Guess not.

Danny Balber Jr.




Based on Arash Markazi’s preference for geographical accuracy, I now look forward to reading coverage of the Agoura Hills Rams in the El Segundo Times.

Jeff Reinhardt

Agoura Hills


Great Morning Briefing on the Joe Kelly bobblehead. Meantime, on the front page of Sports, Dodgers promo man Andy McCullough went to great lengths to point out the insignificance of the Angels’ sweep thanks to Kelly.

Is McCullough auditioning as Magic’s replacement?


Patrick Kelley

Los Angeles


I went to the Dodger game Thursday night and got a Joe Kelly bobblehead. In the first inning, I rubbed his head and the Cubs scored two runs.

Jeff Hershow

Woodland Hills


Instead of giving away Joe Kelly bobbleheads, how ‘bout just giving away Joe Kelly?

Paul Feinsinger

Agoura Hills

Consider it done

Everybody is talking about Cody Bellinger for MVP and Hyun-Jin Ryu for Cy Young. What about Alex Verdugo as the Dodgers’ 19th Rookie of the Year? The kid is hitting over .300 , making spectacular catches, outstanding throws and coming through in the clutch like a veteran star. Let’s get him in the conversation!

Roger Zuch


Too soon … only 14 years

Come on, Fox. Certainly you can get a better color man than motormouth A.J. Pierzynski to pair with Joe Davis. Besides an irritating voice and constant chattering, he cheated the Angels in the 2005 playoffs and shouldn’t be rewarded for his bad behavior as a player.

Ken Blake


Cheers and jeers from NBA Finals

Congrats to the Toronto Raptors! Now, will the NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard of the North please return home to our South?

Wayne Muramatsu


No Canada! You may be “The North” but that’s the lowest you can go with the classless cheering of an opponent’s injury; in this case, Kevin Durant. That’s never OK in sports, in any country!

Judy Thomsen


Deal or no deal

If the Lakers are — I’ll just say it — stupid enough to trade Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart to the New Orleans Pelicans, guess who will be playing for titles in three or four years?

It won’t be the Lakers.

Donald Peppars


Unlucky 13

I don’t think most people have an issue with the U.S. women’s soccer team rolling over Thailand by the lopsided score of 13-0. They’re on the field to score goals and compete throughout the entire 90 minutes. What has been questioned is that after the game was clearly out of reach for Thailand, the U.S. women celebrated every successive goal as if it were a game winner.

They not only piled up the score, but piled on the humiliation. Their lack of even a modicum of sportsmanship was astounding.

Charles Reilly

Manhattan Beach


Congratulations to the U.S. women on winning the World Cup, (well they sure celebrated like they did), alienating fans worldwide, embarrassing an overwhelmed Thailand team, and for generally showing absolutely no class whatsoever in their 13-0 win.

Mary Foster

San Francisco


Select scores for games played in 2018 by the Thailand women’s national soccer team:

Thailand 13, Indonesia 0 (friendly in Indonesia)

Thailand 11, Cambodia 0 (Asian Football Federation Women’s Championship)

Yes, that’s correct. In a friendly, the Thai team beat their hosts by the same 13-0 score just last year. They then won 11-0 just a couple months later. In other words, the Thai team knows exactly why the U.S. kept playing hard despite the score — it’s what you do when you’re playing for your country. No one should give the USWNT one ounce of crap for taking their jobs seriously, treating their opponents like professionals, and celebrating their achievements at the biggest event of their careers and lives.

Rick Thompson


Silent treatment

What a difference, watching a college baseball super regional in Fayetteville, Ark. versus the sitting-on-your-hands crowd at Jackie Robinson for UCLA this past weekend. Granted, there were probably 10 times the people at Baum-Walker Stadium than those attending UCLA Bruins baseball, but the support for Michigan equaled anything the Bruin faithful could muster.

Sad support for the supposed-No. 1 team in the NCAA tournament.

George Hynes


And they’ll say ‘Boo’

Memo to United Airlines: If the USC football program continues to perform as it has under Coach Helton, nobody will know or care if the field is grass, turf or United. The venue will be a ghost town.

Patrick K. Gallagher

Long Beach

Are we upside down?

Canada wins the NBA championship. America wins the Stanley Cup. The USA soccer team dominates the world (women) and gets criticized. The Dodgers get swept by the Angels. And that’s just this week. Has the Earth shifted on its axis?

Jeff Black

Los Angeles

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