Judge denies Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s bid to leave jail


Floyd Mayweather Jr. must remain behind bars in the Clark County (Nev.) Detention Center, a judge has ruled, denying the world champion boxer’s request to be removed to house arrest.

After being taken into custody to begin his sentence in a domestic violence case, Mayweather “discovered his subjective understanding” of jail conditions “was inaccurate,” Judge Melissa Saragosa wrote in a decision Wednesday that voided a scheduled Thursday hearing on the matter. “These facts do not give rise to jurisdiction of this court to modify defendant’s sentence.”

Saragosa was told by Mayweather’s attorneys that the boxer’s plan to fight for two more years was in danger because jail deprives him of proper nutrition and exercise. In a 35-page request, the attorneys cited a doctor’s report that said Mayweather’s caloric intake was one-fifth as much as it was outside jail and that isolation effectively stops him from exercise.


Mayweather began an 87-day jail sentence on June 1 after pleading to domestic battery for a physical confrontation with the mother of his three children.

“The court finds the alleged dehydration of the defendant to be self-induced as water is made available to him 24 hours a day,” Saragosa wrote. “The court further finds the estimated intake of only 800 calories per day is also self-induced as defendant chooses not to eat the food provided.”

Saragosa added the physical training areas “may not be consistent with his prior regimen,” but, “he is indeed provided sufficient space and time for physical activity if he so chooses.”

Mayweather is expected to be released from jail sometime in August.


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