Peyton Manning to Denver is best bet, Las Vegas oddsmakers say

So where will Peyton Manning wind up?

Las Vegas oddsmakers have weighed in -- and they give the Denver Broncos the best chance of landing the NFL’s only four-time most valuable player.

According to R.J. Bell of, the Manning team chances based on odds are as follows:

Denver: 24%
Miami: 14%
Arizona: 11%
Tennessee: 10%
Retire: 3.5%
Seattle: 3.2%
Washington: 3.2%
Houston: 2.8%
Kansas City: 2.6%
San Francisco: 2.6%
Cleveland: 2.6%
Minnesota: 2.6%
21 other teams: 18%


If Manning does indeed sign with the Broncos, watch for odds to immediately follow on where Tim Tebow is going to land.


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