Cowboys are the most valuable NFL team, according to Forbes

The Dallas Cowboys have won one playoff game since the turn of the century, but for the second straight year they are the most valuable NFL commodity, according to an annual survey released Wednesday by Forbes.

The Cowboys are worth $2.10 billion, nearly double the league average of $1.11 billion, which increased 7 percent from last season.

The Cincinnati Bengals are the only NFL team not to increase in value, staying at $871 million, which ranks 26 in the 32-team league. The Jacksonville Jaguars are ranked 32. That franchise was sold for $770 million in January.

Here is the NFL’s top 10 in billions:


1. Dallas Cowboys $2.1

2. New England Patriots $1.63

3. Washington Redskins $1.6

4. New York Giants $1.46


5. Houston Texans $1.3

6. New York Jets $1.28

7. Philadelphia Eagles $1.26

8. Chicago Bears $1.19


9. San Francisco 49ers $1.17

10. Green Bay Packers $1.16

English Premier League soccer club Manchester United is most valuable sports team in the world, according to Forbes, at $2.24 billion.



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