NFL rule changes for the 2012 season



• All turnovers will be reviewed in the replay booth.

• The overtime rules in the playoffs (adopted for the 2010 season) will be extended to the regular season. A game can end on the first possession only if team scores a touchdown. Otherwise, the other team gets a possession. If no team scores in the extra period, the game is a tie.

• The penalty for 12 men on the field (not in the huddle) is now a dead-ball foul, so it can be called without the ball being snapped.


• The penalty for kicking a ball is now accompanied by a loss of down.

• Players subject to a crack-back block are included on the list of defenseless players, which can draw a penalty.

• Soft pads are mandatory for all players.

• Last names on uniforms can now include Roman numerals (as in Robert Griffin III), Junior (Jr.) and Senior (Sr.) designations.


• The trade deadline has been changed to the Tuesday following Week 8 (instead of Week 6).

• Teams may designate one player, who will be permitted to return from “injured reserve” to practice after Week 6 and to game action after Week 8. Others on the list are sidelined for the season.