Angels broadcasters are split on decision to pull Rich Hill from perfect game

The Dodgers have been concerned with Rich Hill's blistering problem since he joined the rotation.
(Jayne Kamin-Oncea / Getty Images)

Angels broadcasters Mark Langston and Mark Gubicza, both former big league pitchers, had a spirited debate about Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts’ controversial decision to pull Rich Hill from a perfect game in which the left-hander threw 89 pitches in seven innings on Saturday night in Miami

“It was the right call,” Langston said before Sunday’s game. “The guy just came off the disabled list. He could have thrown 120 pitches. Would you be OK with that?”

Gubicza would.

“Eighty-nine pitches? He has to be in there, man,” Gubicza said. “If he had 100-something pitches, I could almost live with it, but 89 in seven innings? He’s averaging 12 pitches an inning. So 24 more pitches. Really? You can’t do that?”


Reminded that Hill has problems with blisters on the middle finger of his pitching hand, Gubicza asked, “Did it pop open at that point?” No. “So why’s it going to pop open in the eighth inning?”

Angels Manager Mike Scioscia, not surprisingly, sided with Roberts.

“You have a responsibility to do not only what’s best for the team but for a player’s health,” Scioscia said. “I know players get caught up in the moment of wanting to play on a day they’re banged up or throw their 131st pitch when they’re probably 20 pitches past what you’re comfortable with.

“You don’t want to let a personal accomplishment jeopardize a player’s career or a team’s goal. As a manager, it all points to it most likely being a prudent move.”