Baseball players will slide into Mother’s Day with mom on their cleats

The cleats of Milwaukee Brewers' Ryan Braun are seen during the sixth inning of a game against the Washington Nationals on Wednesday in Milwaukee.
(Aaron Gash / Associated Press)

Baseball players never have Mother’s Day off. In fact, the MLB always schedules all 30 teams to play on the special day. However, it doesn’t mean that they cannot show their love, appreciation and swagger on the field.

This season, players such as Bryce Harper, Clint Frazier and Marcus Stroman are using their cleats to show their love and creativity to their mothers, and their fashion taste.

Harper used a simple approach by imprinting “thanks” and “thanks mom” in different colors on one side of his cleats. The other side is all pink, while the back and bottom show a rose pattern.

Frazier is known to have swagger when he steps onto the field. But for this Mother’s Day his swag will be one of his craziest and “purrrfect” for mom.


His cleats will feature a picture of his mother’s cats. Now, that’s going above and beyond for a Mother’s Day gift. To complement the cats, the cleats will include a white, pink, and gray color scheme throughout.

Stroman blended a little of Harper’s and Frazier’s ideas to create a design that appreciates mom and shows off some art at the same time.

The cleats include his mother’s name, her signature and an eye, which could possibly be her loving, watchful eye. There’s also a blue color scheme that transitions into green from the back of the cleat to the front.

Now these cleats will sure beat the bouquet of roses.

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