The Times consensus: Floyd Mayweather Jr. over ‘Canelo’ Alvarez

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is facing the strongest fighter he’s ever gone up against. But to know Mayweather is to understand he has perhaps the most astute boxing mind in the world. Whether it’s Canelo Alvarez’s youth, the Mexican star’s recent stamina issues or the fact that Mayweather’s sharpness is enhanced by his shortest layoff in more than a decade, believe me that Mayweather knows he’ll win this one too, likely by a decision.

— Lance Pugmire

Mayweather doesn’t have the speed he used to, and he’s always been more about finesse than raw power. Alvarez is a marvelous combination puncher, one of the best. Even so, Mayweather will still be the far quicker fighter, and his elusiveness will frustrate Alvarez, whose footwork is questionable. Mayweather should win by unanimous decision, possibly even by late knockout if Alvarez becomes desperate and begins lunging and leaving himself vulnerable.

— Mike James


There is no doubt that Mayweather is one of the best fighters of all time. But the fact you can talk about him in a historical fashion is not a good thing. It means he’s old, 36 to be exact. It’s been very sad to see Manny Pacquiao age seemingly in dog years and end any chance of the dream fight with Mayweather. Now maybe Mayweather has not reached that aging point, but it’s sure to happen somewhere during his six-fight TV contract. Alvarez may be a little slow and at a bad catchweight. But, he’s still a pretty good fighter. Expect Alvarez to dominate and seemingly win the fight easily, but the decision will go to Mayweather. Maybe even a split decision. Because boxing always finds a reason for a rematch.

— John Cherwa

Mayweather is 36, Alvarez 23. Fighters can age suddenly in the ring, but I see this as another comfortable win for Mayweather. Alvarez’s biggest victory was in his last fight, when he unified the 154-pound title against Austin Trout. Alvarez floored Trout, but the fight went the distance and their punch counts were even. Mayweather has cleverly suckered Alvarez into a 152-pound catchweight limit. And Mayweather’s quicker hand speed should allow him to land first and keep the action in the center of the ring. Fighting in his typical 45-second bursts, Mayweather should earn a clear-cut decision.

— Barry Stavro


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