Derek Carr denies he cried after sack during Seahawks game: ‘Not one tear. Not one time’


Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to proclaim he wasn’t crying after hurting his arm against Seattle, despite the video clip all over social media that some think suggests otherwise.

Both Carr and the Raiders have struggled this season, most recently during a 27-3 loss to the Seahawks on Oct. 14 in London. Carr had to leave the game midway through the fourth quarter with an apparent left arm injury after being sacked for the sixth time.

A video of Carr’s on-field reaction to that sack quickly made the rounds on social media.


That video, and the claim that it showed Carr crying on the field, was mentioned in an article published by the Athletic that claimed the Raiders players’ belief in Carr “has deteriorated, perhaps to irreparable levels” and that “it’s hard to see how Carr can lead this team again.”

The Athletic article was aggregated by Pro Football Talk. That piece caught the eye of Carr’s brother, Darren Carr, who tweeted that it was “#FakeNews” and listed all the injuries his younger brother endured during the Seahawks game.

Derek Carr responded to his brother’s tweet Tuesday, saying that he was yelling, not crying, after the sack.

“Not one tear,” he wrote. “Not one time.”

Carr also tweeted: “I’m a Raider. It’s not a ‘popular’ thing to be a Raider right now, but I am and I love it. I love the struggle of trying to fight back for our city when not a lot of people believe in us. People can try all they want to tear us apart, but it’s not happening to the real ones.”

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