Players show support for NCAA changes by marking their game gear


This could be the start of something big.

Or it could just cause for football fans to wonder why so many players are suddenly such big supporters of the Kwik-E-Mart clerk on “The Simpsons.”

Some players from Georgia, Georgia Tech and Northwestern marked their gear with the letters APU -- standing for All Players United -- for their teams’ games Saturday in what they hope might become a national movement for NCAA reform.

The advocacy group National College Players Assn., which launched the campaign, seeks changes to benefit college athletes, including better healthcare, more scholarship money and the end of restrictions on legitimate employment and players’ ability to take advantage of commercial opportunities.


Georgia Tech quarterback Vad Lee and several of his teammates had APU written on their wrist tape during their nationally televised game against North Carolina. According to ESPN, Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter and some Georgia offensive linemen also joined the campaign.

NCPA president Ramogi Huma, a former UCLA linebacker, said players will continue to draw attention to the movement during nationally televised games, as well as through social media.

The NCAA said Saturday that it welcomes debate on the matters.

“As a higher-education association, the NCAA supports open and civil debate regarding all aspects of college athletics,” NCAA spokesperson Stacey Osburn said. “Student-athletes across all 23 sports provide an important voice in discussions as NCAA members offer academic and athletic opportunities to help the more than 450,000 student-athletes achieve their full potential.”


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