Watch LeBron James fool Blaze Pizza customers as first-day employee ‘Ron’


Meet Ron, a tall dude from Michigan who knows nothing about basketball and is a first-day employee at Blaze Pizza in Pasadena.

Some customers tell him he resembles Dwayne Wade, an observation Ron says he gets a lot.

But take a closer look -- doesn’t Ron look even more like Wade’s former Miami Heat teammate LeBron James?

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That’s because he is LeBron James. The Cleveland Cavaliers star apparently decided to amuse himself on March 11 -- between Staples Center games on March 10 against the Lakers and on March 13 against the Clippers -- by impersonating a Blaze employee and interacting with the customers.

James is a primary spokesman and significant equity holder for the pizza chain.

When a woman remarks he looks like Wade, James responds in character: “I get that a lot. I’ve heard of that guy.”

But Ron is clueless about basketball. “Is that when the referee holds up the ... through the goal posts?” he asks. “That’s football,” a co-worker tells him.

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This looks like it might become a running gag for James and Blaze, with the video from the Pasadena location ending with the words: “Where might Ron pop up next?” appearing onscreen.



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