Letters: Dodgers fans still seeking relief

Cartoonist Jim Thompson illustrates the Dodgers' bullpen situation.
(Jim Thompson / For The Times)

The Dodgers have the talent to get to the World Series and, finally, win it all. But that will never happen unless they do something to significantly improve their miserable bullpen. You can occasionally throw away a lead and lose a game during the regular season, but it can’t happen in October. The clock is ticking.

Ralph S. Brax




After watching Kenley Jansen choke away Tuesday’s game against the Phillies, it’s more clear than ever the Dodgers will not win a World Series this year. Again the front office sat on their hands rolling out mediocre relievers all year. Guess they didn’t pay attention the past two years.

Steve Owen

Kelseyville, Calif.


It’s painfully clear that Dave Roberts is not solely at fault for mismanaging the pitching staff when his bullpen options include Caleb Ferguson and Dylan Floro. When is the front office going to make a deal to rid the Dodgers of these gas cans and bring in some pitchers who will not allow leads to evaporate in every appearance?

Brian Gura

Redondo Beach


With the recent announcement by the Dodgers that they are informing their season-ticket holders that prices would rise again next season, it will be interesting to see at the trading deadline if general manager Andrew Friedman in trying to find a relief pitcher will resort to his usual pattern of shopping for a bargain at the 99 Cent Store , or will with these extra dollars step up to the plate and secure one or two quality relief pitchers.

Myron Kamisher

Sherman Oaks


“Dodgers are doing just fine without Harper”—headline.

That reminds me of this year’s preseason commentary about the incompetent Dodgers front office, which just couldn’t close on a star.

Bob Wieting

Simi Valley


Your article on the Dodgers’ catching situation was too kind to management. They didn’t “miss out” on J.T. Realmuto, they chose to sit on their prospects and now have two serviceable backups instead of an elite receiver.

When a player is hovering around the Mendoza line, as Austin Barnes is once again, I don’t care that Dave Roberts believes his “at-bat quality” — whatever that means — is improving. They once again passed on an All-Star in his prime for future control and saving money by keeping a promising but unproven commodity. If that’s their way of “always going for it,” as Dodgers brass claims, the championship drought is doomed to continue.

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles


Many thanks to Major League Baseball and the Dodgers for the Dodgers-Phillies game roadcast on YouTube. What a great experiment and what great fun it provided — if the stream freezing up needing to be reloaded every, say, minute or so is fun for you, that is. We have great cable service here and never had trouble with any broadcast like this. Sending it out via Morse code would’ve been more efficient!

Whose ridiculous idea was this?

Dan Johnson

Salem, Va.

Where did Serena go?

Simona Halep played a great winning championship match at Wimbledon, denying Serena Williams her 24th major. Simona took charge and played like the Wimbledon champion she became that day.

I was disappointed not because Serena lost , but more disappointed by the way she played. Serena, usually a fearless competitor, seemed not mentally ready to play at a winning championship level.

I missed the real Serena; the one who fought for every point , the one who struck fear in the hearts of her opponents, the one whose powerful serve left players helpless. Sadly, I might never see that Serena Williams again.

Donald Peppars



LZ Granderson asserts that Serena Williams is the “game’s best player.” I’m curious by what standards, since she was ranked 10th in the world in women’s singles. She might be considered the greatest woman player of all time, but presently she’s not the best.

Giuseppe Mirelli

Los Angeles


If my calculations are correct, Simona Halep was paid a whopping $2,516,059 an hour last Saturday for her quick jaunt on the grass to defeat Serena Williams at Wimbledon.

One day later, Novak Djokovic had to settle for less than one-fifth of what Halep earned —a paltry $474,747 hourly wage for his marathon win over Roger Federer.

Okay, men. All together now: “EQUAL PAY! EQUAL PAY!” I certainly hope that Ms. King and Ms. Rapinoe will stand with us in our fight.

Axel W. Kyster


Horse racing isn’t perfect

The real issue that PETA wants to highlight about recent horse racing fatalities is that no horse deaths are tolerable. That is a perfect world that we don’t live in. No racing equals no deaths but also equals no industry and no jobs.

PETA’s efforts would be better focused on the extremes before attacking Santa Anita, which averaged 2.04 horse deaths per 1,000 stats in 2018. They are Hawthorne 2.99, Lone Star 2.60, Suffolk Downs 2.35, Pimlico 2.33, Remington 2.19 and Portland Meadows 2.30.

I’ll bet that the Santa Anita numbers improve in the coming years.

Jim Benson


Old stories

In Saturday’s Day in Sports: Former pitcher Dwight Gooden charged with cocaine possession and Richie Incognito suspended for violating league’s personal conduct policy. When will they ever learn?

Ken Kell


The wild West

“Unimaginable,” Bill Plaschke? Anyone with a fully functional frontal lobe could have imagined the Lakers would be getting Anthony Davis and would then be positioned nicely to win championships again. What is really unimaginable is that you were peddling a few weeks ago that the Lakers were in “disarray/chaos” and now suddenly are a “portrait of peace.”.

Schizophrenia is no joke, Bill, and there are good medications that can help you in your recovery. But please stay off the bandwagon; winning is hard enough without carrying the extra baggage of a drama queen.

William David Stone

Beverly Hills


There is a new sheriff in town, his name is Steve Ballmer. The old sheriff shot herself in the foot.

Jim Olsen

Huntington Beach


With apologies to Mr. Feldman in Tarzana, the self-proclaimed 50-year Lakers fan, may I suggest that he look to more relevant inspiration than “Anticipation” from 1971 or “Even the Losers” from 1979, when discussing the Clippers’ prospects this year. After all, his favorite Lakers have been the losers of 329 games in the last six years, or 55 per season. Listen to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” cheer up, and get out of the Clippers’ way this year!

Kevin Park

Mission Hills


I’m really excited about watching this great Lakers team play this season so I’ve signed up for Pelicans games.

Loren Coleman

West Hollywood


When the superstar teams play each other, will the offenses resemble an All-Star game or might defense break out? I’ll take the former.

David Marshall

Santa Monica

Little ball

So, USC announced last week that they have schedule to “clash” with UC Davis in the 2021 football season and are looking to add two additional teams in 2022 and 2023. I suggest they contact El Camino, and Harbor JCs.

Bill Piercy

Long Beach

What a night

From the planned pregame ceremony to the wonder of the game itself and the spontaneous postgame tribute, the Angels’ celebration of fallen teammate Tyler Skaggs’ life was anything but nasty: Sometimes sports really does find a way to pay you back for the huge portion of your heart that you invest in it.

Steve Ross

Beverly Hills


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