Letters: Dodgers still need to fix some things

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero has had his share of critics in the wake of the college admissions scandal.
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A few thoughts on the announcement of changes coming to Dodger Stadium and the money being spent on them.
The Sandy Koufax statue is a great idea, but where is the Vinny statue?
How about better lighting and security in the parking lots so visiting fans can get to their cars safely if their team wins?
What’s the delay on screens down the line?
And most importantly, how about saving a few dollars for an upgrade to get a better catcher and bullpen.
Tom Krug
Playa del Rey
After next year’s renovations of Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers are considering selling the naming rights to the new plaza beyond center field as well as the naming rights to the playing field. Along the same lines, they should also officially name the parking lots after Frank McCourt.
Ron Tom
The announced renovation expenditure for Dodger Stadium is nothing more than a massive slap in the face for 70% of the team’s fan base that have been unceremoniously shut out from watching the team for six years now.
“We’re finally going to have a front door with this entertainment plaza we’re building below and beyond the pavilions,” said Stan Kasten, obviously willing to ignore the fact that the vast majority of fans can’t even look in the window.
Bill Waxman
Simi Valley
Open letter to the Dodgers’ fans who have been complaining in this column: What part of a .650 win percentage don’t you understand? They are by far the best team in the National League and you’re complaining about relief pitching?
Here’s a news flash: Effective relief pitchers are rare and hard to come by. Other teams have bullpen problems too. This may be the best Dodgers team of my lifetime, and it may be forever before it’s ever this good again. Stop complaining and enjoy it.
Dan Curtis
San Luis Obispo
As an Angels fan transplanted to the baseball purgatory of the Pacific Northwest, I sit with my morning coffee, reading the Saturday letters to the sports section and wonder, “Is a Dodgers fan ever truly happy?” A 15-game lead, as of this writing, and an almost certain trip back to the postseason. Spare me the tears.
Harriet Ottaviano
Hillsboro, Ore.
Would those calling out management for not picking up J.T. Realmuto have been OK with trading Cody Bellinger for him? That’s what the Marlins were insisting on in order to send J.T. to the Dodgers.
Ken Eastman

On the air

The friendship of Orel Hershiser and Joe Davis is exactly why they are NOT good play-by-play announcers. They spend far too much time laughing with each other, talking about what they had for breakfast, and Hershiser’s playing days 30 years ago and other incoherent ramblings.
Vin Scully’s genius was that he was always talking to us, the listeners. These two are only talking to each other.
Charles Smith
West Hollywood
Jack Harris’ article about Joe and Orel was perfect and echoed what my wife and I were thinking as we watched the game the night before. We are fortunate to have such a great broadcast team that has the right balance of professionalism and great rapport.
The other thought that occurred to both of us was, with all the substitutions during the season, why doesn’t Alanna Rizzo ever join Joe in the broadcast booth? If it’s because she’s never thrown or hit a curveball, that’s a weak reason.
John and Valarie Thompson

In Anaheim ...

As the Angels cut another signing mistake in Matt Harvey and his $11-million contract, here is some free advice. Instead of signing a player that made the All-Star team once and has battled injuries ever since and hoping they regain their form (which they never do) how about signing some bona fide ball players and paying the going rate? Don’t let Scott Boras sell you another washed-up bum, get some quality to go with the best player in baseball!
Mike Gamboa
Buena Park
It’s nice to see the Angels having some success after the tragedy of losing pitcher Tyler Skaggs. The Angels have struggled all season, but the death of Skaggs seems to have galvanized them to some degree and they’ve rallied together as a team. Mike Trout and Kole Calhoun, in particular, have been on a tear. Playing winning baseball may be the best therapy for the Angels and the greatest way for them to honor a fallen teammate.
Charles Reilly
Manhattan Beach

Horse sense

Thanks to the letter writer stating “No racing equals no deaths but also equals no industry and no jobs.” I was concerned about the killing of the horses but now I understand it’s just so people can make money.
Wes Correll

Real equality

I’m appalled that The Times printed Axel W. Kyster’s absurd letter mocking gender pay disparity and demeaning women who are advocating for equitable compensation. Please do not give a platform to that kind of systemic undervaluing of talented women in any profession, let alone in sports where it’s been so rampant.
Jeanice Gantus
San Francisco
Axel W. Kyster’s letter mocking the iconic Billie Jean King and Megan Rapinoe and their fight for equal pay for female athletes is not really a joking matter. It’s disturbing and discouraging at best, and sexist and ugly at worst. What is it about equality that some people (like Mr. Kyster) find so threatening?
Cathryn Boxberger

Mmmm, cupcakes


What has happened to the “To be the best, you need to play the best” USC sports mantra? First the football team schedules UC Davis (I guess Azusa Pacific didn’t have an opening), and now the upcoming men’s basketball nonconference schedule will include such powerhouses as Florida A&M, South Dakota State, Fairfield, Pepperdine and coach Andy Enfield’s old school, Florida Gulf Coast. Perhaps AD Lynn Swann should replace Traveler with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to represent the cupcake schedules his “Spirit of Troy” teams play?
Gary J. Grayson

Battle for L.A.

As a lifelong Lakers fan, I thoroughly enjoyed a the Clippers’ news conference Wednesday to introduce Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. I loved the enthusiasm that Steve (Matt Foley) Ballmer showed during the event. Just remember that winning the offseason doesn’t win you titles.
I would also bet that if Kawhi or PG get the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at a Dodgers game, that they will get booed! And Steve, if you want to see any of the Lakers’ championship trophies you can find them “in my van down by the river”!
Randy Childs
Manhattan Beach
Who needs Kawhi? Lakers fans rejoice, I heard we signed Antetokounmpo!
Steve Ross
Beverly Hills

It was true

Many thanks for the charming remembrance of Jim Healy. It was a shock to realize that he has been gone for 25 years. It seems like only yesterday that we were faithfully tuning in at 5:30 every day. Like the Papadakis family, my brother and I sit at family gatherings to this day and try to top each other reciting from the hundreds of funny tape clips from Jim’s show. And yes, the “What is my opinion of his performance?” classic is at the top of our list.
Noel Park
Rancho Palos Verdes
Tom Hoffarth’s tribute to the late Jim Healy was excellent. Hoffarth mentioned that I wrote the obituary for The Times when Healy died on July 22, 1994. I had written the obit in advance and was away on vacation on the day he died. After returning to work, KMPC’s general manager, Bill Ward, who died in 2004, called and insisted I come over to the station. We drove in his car to the Forest Lawn cemetery near Burbank and walked up a hill to Healy’s gravesite. Ward wanted to show me the inscription on Healy’s tombstone. It reads: “IT IS TRUE.”
Larry Stewart
It must’ve been a Jim thing back then, keeping your eyes and ears on sports. Jim Murray in your eyes, and Jim Healy in your ears.
Yes, there actually was a time when technology didn’t rule, but humans sure did. Glad I’m old enough to know better.
John Wade
Newbury Park
Jim Healy had a legion of sports fans combing the newspapers, radio and TV broadcasts for bloopers and errors and then faxing them in for his use on the nightly show. I had no greater thrill at the time than hearing Jim report, “Listener Allan K writes in” about some nonsensical pronouncement or blatant mistake I had heard an announcer or sports figure utter the night before.
As to Ted Sobel believing today’s audience would not have the patience to sit through Healy’s daily half-hour, I can only imagine Jim’s reaction, quoting this Al Michaels favorite of his, “Who goofed? I’ve got to know.” You did, Ted.
Allan Kandel
Los Angeles
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