Sam Darnold does not have a birthday wish for Tom Brady

Sam Darnold
Sam Darnold, former USC Trojan and current Jets quarterback.
(Associated Press)

Former USC quarterback Sam Darnold, now with the New York Jets, must remember a time when players on different teams sought to maintain a healthy competitive environment off the field too.

Last month, Darnold, along with a host of other NFL players, was asked if he could be filmed wishing New England quarterback Tom Brady a happy birthday. Darnold is the only one who said no.

He talked about it this week with Yahoo Sports and said, “I’m going to get every competitive edge I can, because he’s going to do the same thing. He’s the ultimate competitor. He’s exactly where I want to be when I’m his age. To chase that, I can’t be giving him anything.” He said the happy birthday would have been giving Brady something “for sure.”


“If I see him after a game, I’ll tell him good game and all that stuff. But I don’t want to give him anything. Especially to him. No.”

Darnold went on to say it’s nothing personal, he has no beef with Brady. It’s just that they are in competition with each other.

Jets coach Adam Gase was, and is, impressed.

“He has a different way about him,” Gase told Yahoo. “He’s just like an old-school NFL quarterback. You respect him. He never blames anybody else. He holds himself to a higher standard than anyone else. He holds himself accountable. And the way he can approach guys — if something is not right, he has a way of getting the attention of guys and he has a way of commanding the huddle. … It’s hard to put it into words. He has an ‘it’ factor to him. It’s been fun for me to be around to witness a 22-year-old that has that kind of way about him.”

Speaking of Gase ...

It seems it must take a lot to impress the Jets coach, especially in light of this story about him in a profile on the Athletic website:

Apparently, when Gase was offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos, he met with quarterback Peyton Manning every Tuesday at 2 p.m. One Tuesday in 2013, Gase’s wife, Jennifer, went into labor and had a caesarean section scheduled for 10 a.m.


“So they pulled the baby out of me and said, ‘It’s a boy,’ ” Jennifer said. “They didn’t even put my organs back and sew me up before he’s like, ‘You good?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’m good.’ He said, ‘All right then, I’m out.’ They said, ‘You want to cut the umbilical cord?’ He said, ‘No, I’m good.’ ”

Wow. Let’s hope Darnold doesn’t want a meeting with his coach during a birthday party for Gase’s son.

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