Letters: Chips are already down for UCLA fans

UCLA football is frustrated again in its season opener.
(Jim Thompson / For The Times)

Chip Kelly is living off his name and took the UCLA job simply to collect a fat paycheck. He shows no energy or interest in actually doing the job.

His recruiting class was ranked eighth in the Pac-12. Is he not supposed to be able to evaluate talent? Why does he keep trotting Dorian Thompson-Robinson out there? His performance against Cincinnati was one of the worst I have seen by a UCLA quarterback in recent decades. He clearly does not have what it takes to start at a Power Five conference school.

If Kelly is to salvage (.500?) this season. he has got to start doing the job he is being paid big money to do. Start by finding a new quarterback.


Joe Novak

La Crescenta


If Chip Kelly makes it to a third year, it will be attributable only to having the luck of annually facing another dead man walking, Clay Helton, at USC. Fire Guerrero, hire Urban Meyer and end Kelly arrogantly stealing money from a UC system that is paying him for something he did at Oregon 10 years ago.

William David Stone

Beverly Hills


After watching Dorian Thompson-Robinson’s abysmal performance against Cincinnati, one thing is clearly certain: Chip Kelly may resurrect the Bruins, but it won’t be with Thompson-Robinson at the helm.

Jack Wolf



My first thought while watching Thursday’s UCLA loss: How bad must backup quarterback Austin Burton be to not even get into the game?

Jon Udell

Santa Monica


It doesn’t say much for your football program when all night long the announcers say “Oh, nice play by Thompson-Robinson! He threw it out of bounds!”

Peter Marquard


Sad report

First, let me say the Tyler Skaggs saga is a terrible, terrible tragedy. But Tyler is responsible for what he ingested into his body.


No one wants to see their child die. As sad as this is for his family, this is on Tyler. No one wins here — not the family, not the fans, not the Angels, but let’s not project this on someone else to preserve his reputation, character or legacy. Let us all learn from this tragedy and not let this happen again.

Jeff Black

Los Angeles


When Nick Adenhart was killed by a drunk driver I wrote to suggest that the Angels designate 50 cents from every beer sale to fund a foundation in his name to help combat alcohol abuse and its tragic cost. Now that we know what happened to Tyler Skaggs I think it is time for the Angels to join with all of Major League Baseball and use the clout of the sport that my family and I love and support to fight opioid addiction. I would be happy to pay an extra dollar a ticket to support this cause.

People tend to listen to their heroes. I hope this tragic death will motivate those heroes to step up to the plate.

Larry Weiner

Culver City

Dodgers get savaged

After watching the Dodgers get eaten up by the Yankees last weekend, I think they have more to worry about than the horrible white uniforms.

Steve Horvitz

Los Angeles


I guess I overslept and missed the World Series in which the Yankees defeated the Dodgers 2-1 in a mysteriously shortened three-game contest. Who did the Dodgers conquer in the NLCS? And who did the Yankees beat in the ALCS? Nuts! I didn’t even get to wear my favorite Dodger t-shirt. Oh well, wait until next year!


Gail Rock

Santa Monica


Kershaw’s not Koufax. Kenley’s not Kenley. Ryu is slipping. The hitters can’t hit. Bill Plaschke and Dylan Hernandez seem so worried about the many ways the Dodgers might lose a third straight World Series, you’d think they’d be happier if the team doesn’t get to the Series at all. At least that way the team’s sure not to lose three in a row.

The Dodgers are 40 games over .500 in August, but our beat reporters make Eeyore look like Pollyanna. Guys, let ’em play the games and then you can whine (if necessary).

Don Gould



The Dodgers see what it’s like to play the Yankees, an AL contender, as opposed to the NL Sisters of the Poor. Meanwhile, Dylan Hernandez says stick with Jansen or he’ll be crushed psychologically. So, protect his fragile ego and cough up home runs in ninth inning of World Series games? #OutOfWalkoffsOctober.

Bill Nuss



The Dodgers are only a few days away from winning their seventh consecutive NL West title. Before the magic number ticks down to zero, let me give Dave Roberts and company a piece of advice: Take a page from the NHL and hold off on the alcohol- fueled celebration until you win the whole thing. Send a message to the rest of the league that the Dodgers have unfinished business. If nothing else, the Guggenheim Group can save a few dollars on goggles, plastic wrap, and carpet cleaning solution.

Rob Demonteverde



Can you imagine Bob Welch striking out Reggie Jackson in the ’78 World Series wearing that Casper-esque uniform?

Ken Feldman


Bad times


What’s another indicator the Angels are truly awful this season? When you come in from Sunday chores, flip on the Angels-Astros game, see the score, and immediately change the channel to watch the Little League World Series.

Ron Yukelson

San Luis Obispo


I realize this may be a longshot, but does anyone know if Mike Trout can pitch?

Jim B. Parsons


Short season

Rams coach Sean McVay’s strategy of keeping his starting players out of preseason games so as not to risk injury until the games that count begin in September is brilliant. But why stop there? Why not keep these players out of all regular-season games so as not to risk injury until the postseason games that really count begin in December?

Tom Stapleton


Out of Luck

I read that Colts fans want a refund on their season tickets, due to Andrew Luck retiring. Funny, but I don’t recall Dodger or Browns season-ticket holders asking for a refund, when Sandy Koufax and Jim Brown retired at age 30.

Eddie Barron

Los Angeles


Andrew Luck is now Andrew “Smart”. Folks who are critical of Luck’s decision to put his health ahead of football are the opposite of smart.


Michael Rubino

San Pedro

Head games

So Fox has a new college football show with ego-centrists Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, and Urban Meyer. Maybe they can also add Alex Rodriguez when the baseball season ends.

Mark Kaenel


Don’t give them Liberty

An athletic director who resigned in disgrace from Baylor, a football coach fired from Mississippi for moral turpitude, a biology department that does not subscribe to the theory of evolution and a president who claims to be a Christian but supports Donald Trump. Liberty University has attained a level of hypocrisy unlikely to be surpassed in the foreseeable future.

George M. Lewis

Los Osos


Recently you announced that the “Day In Sports” page was downsizing, and basically being eliminated. The reason given was to allow space for more creative features and stories that your readers would find interesting. If you think that a novel about the evangelical Liberty football team that consumed and overwhelmed three pages of an eight page sports section is the answer ... then I suggest you save the newsprint and go 100% digital.

Richard Whorton

Studio City


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