Sam Farmer’s NFL Week 2 picks: Browns bounce back

Quarterback Baker Mayfield and the Browns will be in the MNF spotlight against the Jets.
(Adam Hunger / Associated Press)

The Times’ NFL writer, Sam Farmer, examines this week’s matchups. Lines according to (O/U = over/under). Record last week, 9-6-1 (.600). Using point spreads with the scores Farmer predicted, the record against the spread last week would have been 6-9-1 (.400). Times Pacific.


CHARGERS (1-0) at DETROIT (0-0-1)


Sunday, 10 a.m.

Chargers 28, Lions 20

TV: Channel 2. DirecTV: 705.

Line: Chargers by 2 1/2. O/U: 47 1/2.

Chargers are better in all areas. Lions must be writhing after being up by 18 at Arizona midway through the fourth quarter and blowing it. Doesn’t help Chargers that Hunter Henry is hurt again, but …



Sunday, 10 a.m.

Texans 27, Jaguars 21

TV: None. DirecTV: 706.

Line: Texans by 8 1/2. O/U: 43 1/2.

Kansas City-Jacksonville was closer than the score suggested, and the Jaguars’ losing Nick Foles was big. The Texans looked good at the Saints, and they’re facing a rookie QB making first start.


NEW ENGLAND (1-0) at MIAMI (0-1)

Sunday, 10 a.m.

Patriots 34, Dolphins 10

TV: None. DirecTV: 707.

Line: Patriots by 18 1/2. O/U: 48 1/2.

Lopsided matchup but the Patriots might try to get run game going, which makes it less of a blowout. Also, it’s a division opponent and strange things can happen. Still, this will be a long season for the Dolphins.


BUFFALO (1-0) at N.Y. GIANTS (0-1)

Sunday, 10 a.m.

Bills 20, Giants 17

TV: None. DirecTV: 708.

Line: Bills by 1 1/2. O/U: 43 1/2.

Josh Allen has shortcomings, but he makes plays and can run. Strong performance by Buffalo against the Jets. The Giants lost to Dallas, but weren’t horrible. Eli Manning threw for 300 yards with no picks.



Sunday, 10 a.m.

Titans 24, Colts 22

TV: None. DirecTV: 709.

Line: Titans by 3. O/U: 43 1/2.

The Titans were phenomenal defensively against Cleveland, but Indianapolis is solid, with or without Andrew Luck. Marlon Mack ran spectacularly against the Chargers, who have a good defense.


ARIZONA (0-0-1) at BALTIMORE (1-0)

Sunday, 10 a.m.

Ravens 35, Cardinals 17

TV: None. DirecTV: 710.

Line: Ravens by 13. O/U: 46 1/2.

The Cardinals made opener interesting by forcing overtime, but had six points through 31/2 quarters. Baltimore’s defense is smothering. The Ravens at home vs. a bad Cardinals team with a rookie at QB?



Sunday, 10 a.m.

49ers 23, Bengals 20

TV: None. DirecTV: 711.

Line: Bengals by 2. O/U: 45.

Both performed better than many expected in openers. The 49ers have overcome some early injuries. Joe Mixon’s sprained ankle really hurts the Bengals, who are going to have to sling it around.


MINNESOTA (1-0) at GREEN BAY (1-0)

Sunday, 10 a.m.

Vikings 31, Packers 27

TV: None. DirecTV: 712.

Line: Packers by 3. O/U: 44.

The Vikings are legit. They want to run it and want to play defense. It might take a little longer than expected for this Green Bay offense to get going. Aaron Rodgers will come around. Go with the visitors.



Sunday, 10 a.m.

Steelers 28, Seahawks 20

TV: None. DirecTV: 713.

Line: Steelers by 4. O/U: 47.

Steelers seldom lose back-to-back, especially when the second is at home. Seattle needs more time to jell. To give up 429 yards to the Andy Dalton-led Bengals in Seattle? Watch for Pittsburgh rebound.


DALLAS (1-0) at WASHINGTON (0-1)

Sunday, 10 a.m.

Cowboys 34, Redskins 21

TV: Channel 11. DirecTV: 714.

Line: Cowboys by 5 1/2. O/U: 46 1/2.

The Redskins looked good for a half before Philadelphia roared past them. Strange things can happen in this historic rivalry, but the Cowboys have a good front seven and their most multiple offense in years.


KANSAS CITY (1-0) at OAKLAND (1-0)

Sunday, 1 p.m.

Chiefs 27, Raiders 21

TV: None. DirecTV: 715.

Line: Chiefs by 7 1/2. O/U: 53 1/2.

The Raiders looked good Monday night, especially on defense. Losing Tyreek Hill stings the Chiefs, but Sammy Watkins stepped up in a big way. Kansas City has more firepower, but this is close.


CHICAGO (0-1) at DENVER (0-1)

Sunday, 1:15 p.m.

Bears 21, Broncos 16

TV: None. DirecTV: 716.

Line: Bears by 2 1/2. O/U: 40 1/2.

Mitch Trubisky needs to do more to prove he’s the answer for the Bears. Still, Chicago should be better than in the opener, when it produced a field goal. What happened to the Denver defense?


NEW ORLEANS (1-0) at RAMS (1-0)

Sunday, 1:15 p.m.

Rams 31, Saints 27

TV: Channel 11. DirecTV: 717.

Line: Rams by 2. O/U: 52.

The Saints are a different team on the road. The Rams have beaten them in both places. It’s a good bet there’s a Todd Gurley uptick here after he gathered momentum in the second half of the opener.



Sunday, 5:15 p.m.

Eagles 30, Falcons 24

TV: Channel 4.

Line: Eagles by 2. O/U: 52 1/2.

The Eagles started slow but showed something when they stepped on the gas at halftime. The Falcons couldn’t do anything in Minnesota, except when the Vikings dropped safely back on defense.


CLEVELAND (0-1) at N.Y. JETS (0-1)

Monday, 5:15 p.m.

Browns 27, Jets 21


Line: Browns by 6 1/2. O/U: 44.

The Browns have to be better than they showed in the opener, right? Yes, they are. C.J. Mosley and Quinnen Williams are banged up, which hampers the outstanding middle of the Jets defense.