Staples Center introduces an interactive fan experience with new partnership

An exterior general view of Staples Center.
(Noah Graham / Getty Images)

The revamped Lakers’ and Clippers’ rosters are not the only features fans can look forward to when they visit Staples Center this upcoming NBA season.

Just in time for Staples Center’s 20th anniversary and the 2019-2020 NBA season, LAVA, the marketing platform that activates real-time data to create engaging experiences during live events, is partnering with the arena for a personalized guest experience for fans attending events. The arena will be the first in Los Angeles to adopt this technology.

“Over the last 20 years, Staples Center has proudly embraced state of the art technology to further our mission of creating the finest entertainment experience imaginable. In turn, we have set new standards for the arena industry, and continue to do so with our preeminent partnership with LAVA,” said Lee Zeidman, president of Staples Center, Microsoft Theater and L.A. Live.


LAVA will alert fans on their mobile devices about concession deals, amenities and other information specifically catered to where they are in the arena and what is happening during the game.

“The key to this is understanding how the venue runs during events and how the people engage with it,” said Richard Battersby, AEG’s vice president of business intelligence and digital analytics. “It’s the ability to reach those customers.”

No app needs to be downloaded. When fans get their tickets scanned on their mobile devices upon entering Staples Center, they’ll be immersed in the fan experience LAVA hopes to create.

“LAVA fills a much-needed gap in the live event market: that we have never before had visibility into our guests’ experience in the moment, nor an ability to act on those insights while an event is taking place. With LAVA’s platform we are well-equipped to continue honing and perfecting our guests’ experiences in ways that were previously impossible,” said Zeidman.


And there will be surprises. For example, if the Lakers score 100 points during the game, LAVA will alert fans that they can all receive a free drink from a participating concession in the arena. Fans in another section might get a different incentive. What LAVA hopes to achieve is to encourage fans to stay for the entire game and take advantage of the amenities that the venue offers.

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July 18, 2019

Along with Staples Center, Microsoft Theater and L.A. Live will integrate LAVA’s real-time fan experience and analytics technology into venue events. This includes parking, shopping, and the other amenities and facilities L.A. Live offers.

“We’ve been selective about the type of companies we work with, and we immediately realized that Staples Center, Microsoft Theater and L.A. Live have the same innovation-centric mindset when it comes to improving and perfecting the guest experience,” said Wen Miao, chief executive of LAVA.

What LAVA and Staples Center hope to learn is what are fans consuming and purchasing at events.

“In the end, we want people in and out of Staples Center efficiently, and be able to engage with our founding partners, sponsors and teams,” said Zeidman. “LAVA will able to achieve that.”