Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski really want to make Patriots fans cry, don’t they?


Tom Brady’s mission this offseason has become clear.

He wants to make Patriots fans cry.

He doesn’t just want New Englanders to sniffle a bit. He doesn’t want them to get misty. He doesn’t want a tear or two to trickle down their cheeks.

He wants them to openly weep.

As if his departure as a free agent after 20 years and six Super Bowl wins wasn’t enough to make that happen, Brady posted a pair of heartfelt goodbyes — titled “LOVE YOU PATS NATION” and “FOREVER A PATRIOT” — on social media the day he made his decision to continue his career elsewhere.

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April 21, 2020

Then, less than a day after signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady took to social media again to post clips from and comments about the Patriots’ stunning comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl more than three years ago.


Earlier this month, Brady decided it was necessary to post yet another heartfelt goodbye.

And now this. On the day after Rob Gronkowski decided to leave retirement and join his former Patriots teammate in Tampa Bay, Brady posted this video on his social media accounts:

Yes, that’s Brady blowing into a conch shell. Yes, that’s Gronk responding and ready for action. Yes, it’s an “Anchorman” reference.

And, yes, the two players have shared that video before — four years ago, when they were both contributing members to the Patriots dynasty.

As insufferable as Patriots nation has been over the past two decades, those fans seem to have been handling this pretty well. At least until now. Here’s some of the comments on Brady’s post of that video:

— “This makes me sad.”

— “This should be happening in New England [loudly crying face emoji].”

— “Pain.”

— [four broken heart emojis]

— “Not cool guys not cool”

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April 17, 2020


— “This is just mean.”

— “Too soon Tom.”

— [three anguished face emojis]

— “This is not good for my crippling depression.”

— “I never felt so betrayed.”

— “this is just rude and you know it.”

— “Neither one of you are Patriots any longer. You did the fans wrong.”

All of that, plus every GIF imaginable featuring people sobbing or crying out in despair.

Well done, Brady. Mission accomplished.