Letters to Sports: Give the Clippers their due, and the same goes for Chris Paul

Reggie Jackson gives his jersey to the crowd after the Clippers' loss in Game 6.
Reggie Jackson give his jersey to the crowd after the Clippers’ loss in Game 6.
(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

I have never been a Clippers fan until now.

I believe we witnessed the rebirth of a franchise where every player stepped up to fill a role and they fought to win every night. Truly impressive. Too bad for Clippers fans that Chris Paul saved the greatest fourth quarter of his career for the Phoenix Suns. The “Best Team in L.A.” rivalry is going to reach new heights next season.

Kevin Gorman
Santa Monica


Let’s give the Clippers a break and praise them for what they accomplished. They set an NBA record by winning two consecutive playoff series after trailing 2-0. They almost got to the NBA Finals without their best player, Kawhi Leonard, and center Serge Ibaka.

Moreover, the Clippers have finished ahead of the Lakers in seven of the last eight years. During that period, the Lakers had a record of 257 wins against 378 losses — one of the worst cumulative records in the NBA during that period.

Harley Frankel
Santa Monica


The Clippers’ fourth-quarter rally in Game 6 is turned back by Chris Paul’s one-man show as he finishes with 41 points in a 130-103 Phoenix victory.

Kind of ironic how Chris Paul, who used to play for the Clippers during the Lob City era and couldn’t get them over the hump, puts the final nail in their season.

Even with a new owner and new players, they let games they should have won slip away.


Just like Bill Plaschke’s old radio partner Joe McDonnell — a.k.a. “the Big Nasty” — used to say, “What did you expect? It is the Clippers.”

Matthew Kerster


Hey Plaschke, love how you just glossed over the whole Patrick Beverley shoving Chris Paul incident in Game 6. Had that been a Laker, you would’ve dedicated an entire article to it. So is that what Lakers fans are supposed to cheer for? Cheap shots? Like Beverley’s leg sweep on Paul in Game 5 that looked like something out of a Bruce Lee movie. Then, he even mocked Paul after his dirty play. Yes, Patrick Beverley and the Clippers just winning over the hearts of Laker fans and Angelenos everywhere. I say good riddance!

Kevin Marshall

Clippers guard Patrick Beverley will serve a one-game suspension next season for shoving Suns guard Chris Paul in Game 6 of the Western Conference final.


Plaschke, pretty good job putting the Clippers’ season to bed. But why the use of the phrase “doomed by the past” twice in your article and even once in a sentence that ends with “but, for once, clearly in possession of a future.”

The past is done. The Clippers put it firmly to bed in their inspiring win against Utah, the team with the best regular season in the NBA, by coming back from 0-2. They did that after losing Kawhi at the end of Game 4 and coming back from a 25-point deficit in the third period in Game 6. The Clippers’ past is in the past.

And for those Lakers fans who hate the Clippers and even say things like, “I would only root for the Clippers if they were playing the Celtics,” shame on you. Either get to know the Clippers better and come to love them as we dyed-in-the-wool Clippers fan always will, or just ignore us ... at your own risk.

Larry Weiner
Culver City


While the buffoonery that is the Clippers continues, especially those that feel the need to moniker themselves, I have a new nickname for Pat Beverley: “Mr. Minus.” During a loss folks, check out his plus-minus statistics. Enough said! One, Two, Three, Cancun!

James Hoffman

Clippers stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George grew as teammates and leaders under coach Tyronn Lue, which could bode well in keeping the pair together.


At least the Clippers got further in the playoffs than they ever did with Chris Paul on the team.

Vaughn Hardenberg


Could the Clippers have been hurt more by the 10 days’ COVID rest received by Chris Paul than by the absence of Kawhi Leonard?

Richard Raffalow
Valley Glen


Heartbreaking as it was to watch, I am proud to call myself a Clippers fan. This team showed more guts, class and fight than anyone could’ve imagined. Coach [Tyronn] Lue has done an incredible job taking the team to uncharted playoff territory. Looking forward to next season.

Patrick Kelley
Los Angeles

A splash by any name

Will you please stop exposing Max Muncy’s ignorance of geography. It should be: “Go get it out of the BAY!” Give him a map of the S.F. area to study.

Mike Schaller
Temple City


When I awoke Wednesday morning, the birds were chirping, the sun was shining and all was right in the world: The Dodgers had swept the Giants! My new favorite player, Max Muncy, came through once again as a Giant killer even without Madison Bumgarner as the victim of his home run power.

Ken Blake

The Dodgers unnecessarily signed a pitcher with a history of making troublesome decisions when they already had the best team in baseball.


I attended my first Dodger game of the year. They continue to blast a Forest Lawn ad throughout the stadium. After two Dodger dogs, garlic fries, peanuts, Cracker Jack, nachos, Dippin’ Dots, ice cream in a helmet, cotton candy and a large soda (non-diet), do I need to be reminded of dying at the stadium?

Jeff Black
Los Angeles


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