Agoura girls’ lacrosse team picks prom over shot at championship

Choosing prom preparation over competing for a sports championship, the Agoura girls’ lacrosse team has pulled out of playing for the Southern Section championship on Saturday and will be replaced by Oak Park in the 11 a.m. final against Los Alamitos.

Because lacrosse isn’t an official Southern Section championship sport (there aren’t enough teams competing yet), Oak Park was asked if they wanted to combine their team with Agoura’s for the final, but Oak Park Athletic Director Rob Hall said that was rejected.

“We didn’t entertain that more than two seconds,” he said.

Oak Park had its prom on Friday night. Agoura’s prom is Saturday night.


Agoura Coach Steve Omlor said he spent more than 10 hours on the phone trying to get lacrosse officials to change the date of the final. They refused.

“You’re asking a group of high school girls to choose their last senior prom over a sporting event that can’t be moved,” he said.

Hall said prom preparation takes place all day for girls, with manicure appointments, makeup appointments and hair appointments.

Conflicts between school events and sporting events are becoming more common and creating more dilemmas as school calendars are moved up. Some athletes will be facing the choice of attending their own graduation or competing in a sports event.


Last year, Oak Park pole vaulter Connor Stark missed his prom to compete at the track championships. His date carried around a 6-foot cutout of him at the prom.

On Saturday, Los Alamitos won the championship with a 20-6 win over Oak Park.

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