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'American Horror Story: Cult' gets sickeningly sweet in official poster

What exactly is beneath the surface in "American Horror Story: Cult"?

Bees, apparently.

The seventh season of FX's hit horror anthology series is slowly revealing itself via its official Twitter account. On Thursday, the series shared the official poster for the series, and it is super messed up.

The poster features a deathly pale woman who happens to be missing the top of her head and, for that matter, her brain. Instead, the inside of her head is a honeycomb, replete with bees and, of course, honey.

This is creepy for so many reasons. Here are a few:

This poor woman has had the top of her skull removed, bringing to mind that particularly gruesome dinner scene featuring Anthony Hopkins and Ray Liotta in the 2001 film "Hannibal."

Even more horrifying is that this poor, sweet woman is definitely dressed like a clown.

The white makeup, lines through the eyes and exaggerated ruby red lips suggest that "AHS: Cult" is drawing inspiration from traditional grotesque whiteface clown makeup. Think more Pennywise, less juggalo. (And if none of that is enough to scare you, please enjoy this clown dating site I stumbled across while researching all of this.)

FX's "American Horror Story: Cult" premieres on Sept. 5.

The poster for FX's "American Horror Story: Cult," which premieres in September. (FX)
The poster for FX's "American Horror Story: Cult," which premieres in September. (FX)

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