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The Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine' film to be adapted as a comic book

 (Apple Corps Ltd.)
(Apple Corps Ltd.)

The Beatles are reuniting with Captain Fred and heading back to Pepperland.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the band's beloved 1968 animated movie "Yellow Submarine," Apple Corps Ltd. has authorized a comic book adaptation of the film, according to the Hollywood Reporter's website

"We're thrilled to be publishing 'The Beatles: Yellow Submarine' for the 50th anniversary of this fantastic movie," Chris Teather, publishing director at Titan Comics, told the publication. "We can’t wait for Beatles fans to experience this official adaptation."

The Fab Four's inter-dimensional battle against the music-loathing Blue Meanies are to unfold in pages written and illustrated by Bongo Comics founder and incoming Mad magazine editor Bill Morrison, who the Hollywood Reporter said is fulfilling a long-held dream of adapting the animated film. The comic is slated for 2018 release.

Incidentally, the Beatles themselves had little to do with the animated film. Aside from performing the musical numbers and appearing briefly at the end, the Liverpool lads were simply fulfilling a contractual obligation to United Artists for another film in the wake of their 1964 Oscar-nominated comedy "A Hard Day's Night," 1965's "Help!" and 1967's TV movie "Magical Mystery Tour." Their characters' speaking voices in "Yellow Submarine" were actually provided by actors John Clive, Geoffrey Hughes, Peter Batten and Paul Angelis.

The well-received animated film, which revolved around Beatles songs, earned a Grammy Award nomination in 1970 for best original score and won the National Board of Review's Top 10 Films honor in 1969. Director George Dunning also won a special award from the National Society of Film Critics.

The film was restored in 1999, shown in theaters and released on DVD with a stereo remix. The "Hey, Bulldog!" scene that was deleted in the original American version was also reinstated.

In 2011, Disney canceled plans for a big-budget CGI remake helmed by Robert Zemeckis, but the following year, the animated original was released again on DVD and Blu-ray, transferred from a more thorough restoration and enhanced for widescreen televisions.

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