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'Game of Thrones' cast reveals who they're rooting for... and it's anyone but Arya Stark

"Game of Thrones" may have dragons, white walkers and smog-baby assassins (or whatever that thing was that Melisandre sent to kill Renly Baratheon), but it's short on heroes, at least in the classic Will-Get-Things-Done-While-Never-Killing-in-Cold-Blood sense. 

With the possible exception of Sam Tarly, no character in this HBO series is truly good or truly bad (and though Sam may be heroic in his own way, he is far from a classic hero).

Instead, the activities of the citizens of Westeros (and the surrounding lands) fall more on a sliding scale of morality — we may be rooting for Arya Stark as she moves her way down her list, but morally, she is not so far from Cersei, who also has a to-kill list. 

On the plus side, the absence of a one-note champion makes it a bit more fun to pick a person (or house) to cheer on toward victory atop the Iron Throne. Who should reign supreme over the seven kingdoms?  The Stark kids? Daenerys Targaryen? 

We asked the actors playing the fictional inhabitants of George R.R. Martin's world to reveal whom they've been rooting for this whole time. And Liam Cunningham has some serious thoughts on Arya Stark.

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