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Ryan Phillippe was 'victim of a freak accident,' with a broken leg to show for it

Ryan Phillippe as Bob Lee Swagger in "Shooter." (Dean Buscher / USA Network)
Ryan Phillippe as Bob Lee Swagger in "Shooter." (Dean Buscher / USA Network)

Ryan Phillippe has broken his leg badly, he says, but the "freak accident" didn't happen while he was on the job. 

Late Sunday, the "Shooter" star posted a photo of himself laid up in a hospital bed with obvious damage to his right leg. On Monday morning, he provided more details. 

"[H]ey, guys. i didn't injure myself doing a stunt or anywhere near the set of shooter. i was the victim of a freak accident during a family outing on sunday," he said in a series of tweets. "[M]y leg is badly broken & required surgical attention, but i will make a full recovery, am in good hands, and will be back in action soon."

Phillippe continued: "[T]hank you for all the well wishes, support, & concern. also a special thanks to the paramedics & first responders who helped me at the scene & to the medical staff caring for me now. i will keep you updated on my progress."

To pass the time while he's laid up, the 42-year-old actor said, he'll be live-tweeting the East Coast and West Coast feeds of "Shooter" on Tuesday night, when the show's second season premieres on USA Network.

Fans, take note: Phillippe also plans to do a nice long Twitter Q&A ahead of show time. 

"[C]ome up w good q's for my a," he urged.

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