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Stephen Colbert celebrates Roy Moore's loss with a special cowboy ballad

Stephen Colbert had so many feelings about Roy Moore’s loss that he had to sing about it. 

The “Late Show” host kicked off Wednesday night’s episode addressing the biggest night for Democrats since Nov. 7: Doug Jones winning Alabama’s Senate race. 

“If you’ll excuse me, I’m a little shaky tonight,” said Colbert at the top of his show. “Because my heart has been hurting all day due to a condition my doctor calls ‘hope.’”

He hasn’t had much use for that word with the never-ending deluge of bad news this year, Colbert explained.

“But through the rubble of 2017 there was a glimmer of light,” he continued. “Because last night Roy Moore lost to Doug Jones in Alabama.” 

Colbert noted that Jones is the first Democrat to win an Alabama Senate seat in 25 years. Meaning “the last time Alabama elected a Democratic senator the biggest movie was ‘Aladdin.’” 

Of course, Colbert acknowledged that Moore’s defeat was not necessarily the state electorate’s rebuke of an alleged child molester — only 30% of white voters actually punched their ballot for Jones. Black voters, who overwhelmingly voted for Jones, deserve all the credit for Jones’ narrow victory, he said. 

Colbert even debuted a new song to celebrate the occasion, a cowboy ballad called “The Legend of Roy Moore.” 

“Gather ’round folks you’ll hear a song, a song of a candidate man,” sang Colbert. “A man who rode across the land, touching teens with his hand.” 

Listen to the song above. 

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