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Get all your holiday shopping done on Sunset in Silver Lake: 19 can't-miss stores and boutiques

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Get rid of clutter and focus on joy: Advice from 'tidying freak' Marie Kondo

Get rid of clutter and focus on joy: Advice from 'tidying freak' Marie Kondo

Bestselling author and organization guru Marie Kondo writes of decluttering, organizing and cleaning house with the kind of fervor usually reserved for religious sermons and political rallies. Her internal fire has ignited a worldwide, cult-like following and inspired her second book, "Spark Joy,"...

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We spent a week together in Aspen -- in separate rooms. Then he took the hint.

I was living in Los Feliz, a stone's throw from Griffith Park. I loved that once I made the long drive home from teaching in South Los Angeles on Friday, I could have a weekend of hiking, culture and trendy restaurants without ever getting in my car. My good friend lived across the hall, and it...

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10 events to hit at Modernism Week in Palm Springs

Every February, thousands of Modernist fans from across the country flock to Palm Springs for Modernism Week, a 10-day celebration of midcentury architecture and design that takes place Feb. 11-21 this year. So be advised: Events sell out. But if you do a little research — as we have done — you'll...