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Shop for organic seedlings at Fig Earth Supply pop up nursery

Shop for organic seedlings at Fig Earth Supply pop up nursery

After years spent building custom MinifarmBox cedar-raised beds and planters for gardeners who are inspired to grow their own food, Conor Fitzpatrick wanted to do something extra for the community.  “I wanted to create a hub that allowed people to get more connected with the earth,” he said, “a place...

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How L.A. is amping up its design game

How L.A. is amping up its design game

A  revolution is taking place in Los Angeles, defining the city as a capital of international design. That was apparent at the Los Angeles Design Festival — the jam-packed month of exhibitions, home tours and shows with Dwell on Design and INTRO/LA emphasizing the international design presence...

L.A. Affairs

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I had to work up the nerve to ask, 'Do you want to be my girlfriend?'

When it came to girls, I was shy. It’s not that I feared that they would beat me up, like the bullies I evaded on the playground in East Los Angeles. I simply feared rejection. For some mysterious reason that I still don’t understand, I felt that if I got rejected, all my friends and complete strangers...

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The Butterfly Pavilion is back! And you have until Aug. 7 to see it

If you’ve never walked the grounds of Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont – a true haven for California native plants – then the return of the Butterfly Pavilion may be just the thing to tempt you to make the trek.  The temporary enclosure is small at 24-by-36 feet but offers a rare opportunity...