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You need new Christmas tree ornaments. Here are some ideas:

You could devote every waking moment of the next three weeks to the study of holiday decorations and still not make a dent in the expanding universe of themed trees, hand-made wreaths and color-coordinated rooms. Spend some time browsing through the images on Pinterest and Instagram and you may...


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Finally, event planners get to call all the shots at Midland, their new boutique in Culver City

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Here's what the holidays look like inside actress Drew Barrymore's home

Here's what the holidays look like inside actress Drew Barrymore's home

Acting is only a part-time job for Drew Barrymore: Behind the scenes, she’s a creative powerhouse. In addition to her production company, Flower Films, and past work as a co-creative director for Cover Girl, she’s launched Flower Beauty cosmetics, Flower Eyewear, Barrymore Wines and has now expanded...

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Why I've been dating the same girl for 26 years

I don’t go on a lot of dates. It’s hard to make time in between work, kids activities, travel and other obligations, but when I want to go out I ask the same girl every time – and she says yes almost every time. It’s the same girl who I took on a first date to a surprise party on Dec. 15, 1989,...

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The perfect gift? Sometimes, it's in the eye of the receiver

Buying presents for my husband has never been easy. I’ve tried wardrobe updates, best-selling novels, even a stainless steel cappuccino maker, but I’ve never hit a gift home run.  As the holidays approached, I would comb “best gifts for men” on the Internet. But what could possibly symbolize my...