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Ballot measures

Group files another 'Calexit' initiative in push for California's independence

 (Illustration by Anthony Russo / For The Times)
(Illustration by Anthony Russo / For The Times)

A new ballot initiative was submitted to state officials Thursday advocating for a federal constitutional convention that could lead to California's independence.

The measure, similar to one already in circulation that is pushing for California's secession from the union, would require the state Legislature to ask Congress to establish a new constitutional convention.

"We believe that justice for all requires constant vigilance and a thorough examination of laws and governmental actions that disproportionately impact diverse segments of society," the initiative states. "These beliefs depend on resolutely defending these Californian values, which support every individual's hopes and dreams for the future."

The initiative has been submitted to Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra for an official title and summary, a necessary step before supporters can collect signatures to put the measure on the 2018 ballot. Once that happens, backers would have to gather nearly 600,000 signatures in 180 days. 

This is the third official effort this year to try to make California an independent state, a push known informally as "Calexit." Supporters of another measure, which would direct California's governor to negotiate more autonomy from the federal government, already have been cleared to collect signatures. A more aggressive measure to ask for independence immediately has been abandoned. 

The group behind this most recent measure calls itself California Constitutional Convention Initiative Team. One of its backers is Marcus Ruiz Evans, who has been involved in California secessionist causes since 2012 and calls himself the founder of the Calexit movement.

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