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California Legislature

California lawmaker proposes making 'stealthing' a form of rape under state law

Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) on Monday introduced a bill that would make it a form of rape to remove or tamper with a condom during sex without consent.

Garcia said the legislation is necessary because it is unclear whether the practice of "stealthing" is illegal under current law. To introduce the bill, she used the "gut and amend" process, stripping the contents of a previously introduced proposal that sought to allow people between ages 18 and 21 to work in gambling businesses, as long they did not perform jobs that involved playing a game.

Toughening repercussions for rape and sex crimes was at the center of legislative debate last year after the notorious sex assault cases of  former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner and comedian Bill Cosby. The stealthing bill follows another proposal by Garcia to expand the legal definition of rape that became law this year. 

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