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Meet the liberal who is trying to unseat Nancy Pelosi

 (Mark Z. Barabak / Los Angeles Times)
(Mark Z. Barabak / Los Angeles Times)

Stephen Jaffe entered the cafe with a small grin, a riotous print shirt and the blithe confidence of someone who doesn’t much care if people think he’s crazy.

The 71-year-old employment attorney, a political novice, was one of many Democrats swept up in the fist-shaking presidential crusade of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Thus inspired, he’s now fixed his sights on winning a seat in Congress.

But not just any seat.

He hopes to knock off Nancy Pelosi, the former House speaker, the current Democratic minority leader and a political fixture in San Francisco for nigh on 50 years.

Not by portraying her the way a succession of failed Republican challengers have, as the lipsticked embodiment of the ludicrous left.

Rather, Jaffe suggests that Pelosi is not liberal enough or, for that matter, even a true liberal, a proposition that would be dismissed as outlandish anywhere other than San Francisco.

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