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Rep. Rohrabacher wades into Google's firing of controversial memo's author

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) took Google to task Thursday for firing a male employee, James Demore, who circulated a memo within the company arguing women are biologically incapable of doing a man’s job in Silicon Valley.

The 3,000-word memo that's caused a hubbub among one of California's more prominent industries and across the country contends men fundamentally have a higher drive for status than women and says the company has a bias toward liberal thought over conservative thought. It states that the company's diversity initiatives should be replaced with "ideological diversity" policies.

Rohrabacher joined the conversation, saying on Twitter he's troubled by the firing. He tweeted: "You shouldn't lose your job for telling the truth!" and "The mistreatment of conservatives and libertarians by tech monopolies is a civil rights issue."

In between sending those tweets, Rohrabacher retweeted a Breitbert article suggesting a scientific basis for Damore's argument and a post about blacklisting potential employees in Silicon Valley.

Rohrabacher is among the California Republicans considered vulnerable in 2018.

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