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Congressional races

With powerful nurses union behind him, Jimmy Gomez gets more progressive support in L.A. congressional race

 (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)
(Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

In the race for a Los Angeles congressional seat, Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez is bulking up on support from progressive groups and officials. The California Nurses Assn. on Tuesday endorsed Gomez to replace former Rep. Xavier Becerra, adding to a long list of left-leaning endorsements he's rolled out in recent weeks.

The nurses union was among the most vocal supporters of Bernie Sanders in California, and campaigned alongside him to support Proposition 61, a failed drug-pricing measure Sanders endorsed. In the April primary for the 34th Congressional District seat, CNA/NNU backed Arturo Carmona, Sanders' former deputy political director.

While Gomez was often criticized by fellow candidates in the crowded primary as being entrenched in the Democratic Party establishment, many are backing him in his runoff with attorney and businessman Robert Lee Ahn.

Nine of Gomez's primary opponents, all Democrats, have endorsed him in the runoff against Ahn. Three of them -- Wendy Carrillo, Vanessa Aramayo and Raymond Meza -- had previously issued a joint statement during the primary decrying what they said was the state Democratic Party's "coronation" of Gomez.

Earlier this week, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, led by Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison and Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, announced it was endorsing Gomez. Democracy for America, a left-leaning group that had previously endorsed Carrillo, has also switched its support to Gomez.

The runoff election is June 6.

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