L.A. Times to Launch ‘Screen Gab’ Newsletter

Screen Gab newsletter logo
(Huston Wilson for The Times)

On Friday, Aug. 20, the Los Angeles Times will launch a new weekly newsletter which will help fans of streaming television answer the question, “What should I watch?” Spearheaded by Senior Editor for Television and Pop Culture Matt Brennan, Screen Gab will include expert analysis of the biggest news and trends in home viewing, exclusive interviews with the talent behind viewers’ favorite titles and irreverent conversation about the shows, movies and moments The Times’ TV and movie teams are obsessing over.

“Ever since the pandemic started, people stuck at home in lockdown were constantly asking members of our team, ‘What do you think about [blank]?’ or ‘Which show should I binge-watch today?’” Brennan said. In response, Brennan and his team created Monday morning guides featuring shows they were obsessing over “so people didn’t have to focus on the doom and gloom outside.”

Screen Gab is a way to continue that conversation, with content from both the TV and movie teams. “We want the tone of the newsletter to be like the conversation in a break room at work or among friends at a dinner party,” he says. “It’ll be very casual and include key scenes and topical moments from the shows that people are reacting to.”


And no genre will go untouched, including reality TV. “One of the biggest advantages of having our entire team involved is that we have a wide range of experiences and viewpoints and tastes,” Brennan noted. “And yes, that means we’ve got people who are regularly watching ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Real Housewives,’ along with all kinds of other stuff.”

Every Friday Screen Gab will include an introduction written by Brennan, followed by segments written by different members of the teams. It will also include a mailbag section where readers can submit questions. “People might ask us our thoughts on a show they love or loathe, or get personalized recommendations based on their tastes.”

For more information, visit the Screen Gab welcome page. To sign up to receive any of The Times’ free topic-specific newsletters, go to