Laura Blasey promoted to assistant editor for newsletters at The Times

Portrait of Laura Blasey
Laura Blasey started with the newsroom in 2019. In her new role, she’s the lead editor for the Essential California newsletter and will continue to advise on strategy and new launches.
(James Escher)

The following announcement was sent on behalf of Head of Newsletters Karim Doumar:

I am delighted to announce that Laura Blasey has been promoted to assistant editor for Newsletters.

Blasey has been with The Times since 2019, when she arrived as a Newsletters editor. In her three years here, she has launched several newsletters including California Politics and Group Therapy and has been the final check on our biggest newsletters, Essential California and Today’s Headlines, before they are sent to inboxes each morning.


In addition to continuing to launch newsletters and advise on strategy, Blasey is the lead editor for Essential California, working with our writer to grow the newsletter’s readership, introduce new features and develop our flagship newsletter into an impactful report from the Golden State to the world.

Before joining The Times, Blasey worked for Newsday. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Maryland and is based in Washington, D.C.

Blasey’s mind for strategy and her skillful editing have been a huge help to the Newsletters staff since she arrived. In this new role, which she started Sunday, she can flex her line-editing skills and help propel the team forward.