CIF Rejects Student's Appeal to Regain Athletic Eligibility

Times Staff Writer

The CIF commissioner's office has upheld a Southern Section decision that ruled a Simi Lutheran High basketball player ineligible for transferring schools without a change of address.

Doug Marion Sr. appealed the Southern Section's ruling on behalf of his son to Commissioner Thomas Byrnes, arguing his son's eligibility was denied for reasons "that have nothing to do with why my son transferred schools."

Doug Marion Jr., a senior, was ruled ineligible by the Southern Section after transferring from Simi Valley, where he played sparingly for the junior varsity. Marion Sr. claimed that his son transferred because of academic reasons and said his son since has raised his grade-point average from 2.3 to 3.4.

Under CIF rules, a student must forfeit a year of athletic eligibility in the same sport if he transfers schools without a change of address.

Marion Sr. said that Stan Thomas, the Southern Section commissioner, told his son that the appeal stood a reasonable chance of being granted. However, the Marions received written notice Wednesday that the appeal had been denied. Marion Sr. said he would pursue the matter no further.

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