Boxcar Carrying Newsprint Rolls Derails, Catches Fire in Yorba Linda


A Santa Fe Railroad boxcar filled with rolls of newsprint caught on fire after it derailed Tuesday afternoon.

The boxcar was the 17th car in a four-locomotive, 50-car train that originated in Barstow and was on its way to San Diego, said Santa Fe Railroad spokesman Mike Martin.

The fire occurred on the track near La Palma Avenue and Via Lomas de Yorba about 3 p.m., when the bearings of one of the trains burned out and ignited the boxcar.

It took firefighters about two hours to put out the blaze and to disconnect the boxcar from the rest of the train, said Steve McClellen of the Orange County Fire Department.

No members of the three-man crew were injured during the incident, which caused an estimated $1,250 in damage.

The derailing and fire caused the tracks to be shut down for more than five hours Tuesday. One Amtrak train and one freight train had to be rerouted and four other freight trains were delayed, Martin said.

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