ANAHEIM : Contract for Stadium Repair to Be Awarded

The City Council today is expected to award a $3.6-million construction contract to a Hawthorne company that submitted the lowest bid for repairing the earthquake damage at Anaheim Stadium.

The bid by Parr Construction was substantially lower than city officials' estimate of $5 million.

"It surprised a lot of people that it was that low," city spokesman Bret Colson said.

City officials said they hope to have the stadium repaired by mid-August. The Jan. 17 Northridge earthquake toppled the stadium's 17.5-ton Sony Jumbotron scoreboard.

The contract involves installing a new scoreboard and repairing a concession stand, restrooms and several thousand seats. Parr's bid was $3.6 million. The next-lowest bid was $3.64 million.

City officials have considered applying for federal and state assistance to help cover the repair costs. The stadium's earthquake insurance policy has a $6-million deductible. The city also is considering legal action against the installers of the original scoreboard.

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