Reading Signs on Highway

Time to surf the nets.

(And, by the way, all I'm wearing is gym shorts and sweat socks).


Long Beach Poly Coach Ron Palmer dangled a free meal in front of his team for holding a team under 40 points in the I-AA playoffs. The Jackrabbits beat Rialto Eisenhower, 49-25, in the quarterfinals.

But Poly wanted no cracker. So the Jackrabbits will be treated to steak.

With that in mind, don't Los Alamitos' players deserve to be spoon fed something for a victory over Poly tonight? Got it. As the French say, daube de lapin, s'il vous plait.

(Rabbit stew, please).


Another steppingstone for Mater Dei. Heck, the Monarchs could tippy-toe to Catalina and not get their sneakers damp. Waltzing across The Pond of Anaheim will be easy this week.

But the serpent is out there.

(Crenshaw, Crenshaw, Crenshaw).

Do Monarch players wake up in a cold sweat at night?

(Crenshaw, Crenshaw, Crenshaw).


Toughest league in Orange County? Come on, take a whack at it.

IV-AA final: Corona del Mar vs. Playa del Rey St. Bernard.

II-AA semifinal: Woodbridge vs. Riverside North.

II-A semifinal: Santa Margarita vs. Tustin.

Boy, the Sea View League sure was swell. And, remember, Tustin is a dues-paying alum.


Speaking of Tustin, two losses from last season still haunt the Tillers.

Santa Margarita.

Compton Dominguez.

Tustin gets one tonight and can have the other in the final.

What's that about revenge being a dish best served cold? Icicles are forming around Tustin these days.

On the other hand, there's that Chinese proverb about digging two graves. Look too long at Dominguez and the Tillers will get a shovelful of dirt tonight.


Yeah, right, Woodbridge is a one-man team.

Sure, 6-foot-9 monster Chris Burgess can eclipse his teammates. But they have a few little demons running around as well. (See Eric Ripley's 29-point performance Friday, for example).

The Warriors are on a mission. They hope to be as big as the Woodbridge girls' team.

Sorry guys, out of your reach. (See Brea Olinda, for example).


Ah, when it's Rainer, it pours. Yup, Trabuco Hills has another Wulf wearing sheepskin. All right, enough.

Still . . .

No inside game? No defense? No chance? People's ink wells are going dry writing the Mustangs off.


Estancia dumps Morningside, long the Eagles' playoff nemesis. Next: Dos Pueblos.

Seem to recall they met before. Ah, yes, back in the 1990 Southern California Regional semifinals. Dos Pueblos won.

Also seem to remember something about a pizza that didn't arrive in 30 minutes or less the night before the regional final. Dos Pueblos took home food poisoning instead of a title.

Tonight, it's home cooking for the Chargers. A little Eagle under glass or some crow?


It gets confusing. Is Santa Margarita Spanish for St. Margaret's? Or is St. Margaret's English for Santa Margarita?

No matter. In the county's southern tip, no one has been more consistent than the Tartans, except their saintly cousins.



The first whiff of fresh air in a long time. Inhale while you can.

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